Upsize with norsu - Episode Three, The Adult's Retreat

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Posted on April 08 2019

Upsize with norsu - Episode Three, The Adult's Retreat | Norsu Interiors

Every home should have a dedicated space for the adults, an area where you can escape at the end of a busy day and share a vino with your other half…all in a bit of luxury, just for you! Our norsuHOME clients Amy and Trent had this at the top of their wish list and we can certainly see why. Being the original part of the home - much smaller in scale to the new extension - we were certainly put to the test when given the brief to fit in a formal sitting room, a cozy main bedroom, a glamorous ensuite and a grand walk in robe...

We are delighted to present the next episode of Upsize with norsu, brought to you by our valued partners and Godfrey Hirst.

Here's how we transformed the space... Pictures courtesy of Ross Campbell and Kate Pascoe Studio.

The adult’s formal sitting room
As you enter the home we have converted the once pocket sized main bedroom into a formal sitting room for Amy and Trent. Perfectly located at the front of the home, we focused on creating a tranquil area by styling with soft pastel tones, layering with beautiful textures and adding art (how stunning is the original Tracey Mock painting and wow, those new Secret Weapon line art prints!) to the walls to create instant character.

The hallway that leads from this area is extremely narrow and rather than detracting the eye away from it we threw caution to the wind curving its structure and adding an industrial concrete rendered finish (well let’s face it we didn’t really, our mates from Top Notch Coatings did), creating the biggest wow factor. It’s gone from the worst part of the house to the hottest part of the new home!

The main bedroom
Leading down the now HOT hallway you enter the main bedroom zone which comprises the bedroom, ensuite and giant walk in robe.

Due the ceiling limitations in this area we were tested by an oddly shaped angled ceiling. We’re always up for a challenge at norsu so we decided to square this off and added our now infamous easyCRAFT VJ panelling, creating a purpose built and instantly cozy nook for their bed. Beautiful glass Normann Copenhagen AMP Lamp pendants lights drop above the Globe West Universo Positivo 
oak bedsides and dressed the bed with luscious linens in white and blush tones - the perfect pairing to our brand new Cullin Design Curved felt bedhead with leather piping. For those wanting to know (because I know I would want to!) the line art and cuttle fish wall hanging are from our friends at Mondocherry. Heaven! Of course it wouldn’t be a norsu bedroom unless it wasn’t finished with linen sheers creating the hotel vibes we all long for. Matt from Sheridan Window Furnishings created these using our favourite Warwick Aesop fabric in the colour Atlantic.

The ensuite
When it came to adding an ensuite it was sheer magic by the architect who suggested converting part of the original driveway into a new bathroom. My goodness, talk about maximising every inch of space and it worked a treat! 

The new bathroom comprises of large terrazzo tiles from Perini Tiles in classic tones of white and grey, along with stunning subway tiles stacked vertically rather than the predicable horizontal you see everywhere. For an edgier aesthetic we used matte black tap ware and team this will a wall hang vanity with round stone double basins. The oversized terrazzo tiles are certainly enviable to everyone who has laid eyes on them.  

The walk in robe
Nestled neatly behind the curved hallway wall is the newly built walk in robe. It's like the size of another bedroom! The walls are lined with cabinetry providing a his and hers dedicated side each for Trent and Amy. With open shelving it allows easy access to their clothing and has provided up with the perfect canvas for styling with indoor greenery and their favourite special personal belongings. 

Overall we hope you agree that together we've achieved a gorgeous and extremely indulgent adult's retreat. By adding soothing tones, layering with textured soft furnishings and hanging special pieces of the art, we created a warm, calming and a tranquil place. Remember, no matter how small or large a space is, this approach ALWAYS works.

Nat and Loz x

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