About Us

We are Nat Wheeler and Kristy Sadlier – the friends behind norsu interiors! 

After meeting in 2011 at our local Mother’s Group, we not only shared the experience of becoming new mums, but we soon discovered a mutual admiration with Scandinavian design. After obsessing over too many Scandi blogs and interior mags (Instagram was barely known back then!), one common theme kept emerging – the lack of access we had to purchase these beautiful products in Australia.

It was not long before we decided to set up our own online store, and norsu.com.au was launched in September 2013. Norsu (Finnish for elephant) began by specialising in mostly emerging designers from the Nordic region, and we were thrilled to see that so many of you also embrace the designs we loved so much!

In October 2014, we were extremely lucky to open our first bricks and mortar retail store in East Malvern, Victoria, and absolutely love meeting so many of our beautiful customers from all over the world in our little store every day.

Over the past year, our range of prints has been on the serious rise, so much so that we have recently expanded our little shop to include a purpose built gallery space dedicated to Scandinavian art. The norsu ART LAB opened in October 2015, and is the first of its kind within Australia.

We are so unbelievably proud to share the ART LAB concept and bring you prints from the most talented international artists. Our mission is to provide you with access to a wide variety of unique and exclusive affordable art prints, so that you can create beautiful gallery walls for your own home.

When not wearing our norsu hats, we love nothing more than spending precious time with our families and little people Annabel and Lachy (both 4), who also happen to be self-confessed 'best friends', and Nat’s darling little Harvey (1)!

Our little store is not the only thing to grow. Over the past year, our norsu family has grown from two to eight. Our amazing team are just as passionate as we are about Nordic interiors as we are, and we could not have survived this year without them.

We also wouldn’t be where we are today without our dear friend Treah Cosgriff, who helped establish the business. At the completion of her nursing degree in late 2013, Treah chose to pursue other avenues in the healthcare industry, in addition to her number one job as Mum to Giselle (5) and Jackson (3). She remains closely connected to her norsu family, and we hope to welcome her back again one day!

We always have room for more friends and would love to hear from you. Please fee free to say hello at info@norsu.com.au, or on 03 9886 0457.

With love, 

Nat & Kristy xx