Our Styling Services

As COVID-19 threatens our precious community and with isolation restrictions now firmly in place (and for good reason, let's save lives!), we've needed to change the way we play the norsuHOME styling game.

If we can't come to you right now, we want to make sure you can come to us. From the safety of our living room, we hope you'll welcome us into your home. 

To help with this, please book a virtual styling appointment with us. We'll faceTIME and you can walk us through your home. This 30 minute initial consultation is FREE.

Once we're out of ISO, here's the lowdown....

Did you know our in-house interior design and styling team can work with you to design a space that reflects your personal style. Our services range from simple residential styling jobs to complete home transformations and everything in between! 

Prices start at $195 per hour + GST (excluding complimentary initial consultation).

We now have dedicated styleLAB in our new norsuHOME Concept Store in Malvern East. Our drawers are overflowing with beautiful samples and you can book a meeting with our stylists by filling out the form below or emailing us at styling@norsu.com.au.