Small doesn't mean boring when it comes to the norsuHOME styleLAB powder room

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Posted on February 15 2019

Small doesn't mean boring when it comes to the norsuHOME styleLAB powder room | Norsu Interiors

When we saw the old, grotty, original bathroom there was absolutely no way we were going to give up the opportunity to turn it into most beautiful blush powder room going around!

Before we show you the pretty stuff, let's show you how bad it actually was...


Now the fun stuff...

Sliding back the barn door and seeing our incredible blush terrazzo tiles, sleek black tap ware, and seamless blush concrete sink, seriously does take my breath away!

We are so excited to share our gorgeous concept store powder room with you! We hope that it sparks some inspiration and creativity. Who says a toilet has to be boring!

Follow our tips and tricks below to get the look in your own home.

Lauren and the norsu team xxx


Tip one: By removing the swing doors, we were able to completely open up the space and take full advantage of our beautiful high ceilings, which meant a full size vanity, and basin… hello nood co!! We also knew we had to put a barn door somewhere and this was the perfect place to do so as it not only is the perfect entryway to our beautiful powder room but saves much needed space!

Tip two: A great tip is to keep all the plumbing and electrical in its original placement. This not only reduces the amount of work that’s required but will keep costs down!

Tip three: Smart and clever ways of hiding plumbing that’s not an eye sore! Just like us, there is not always the option of hiding the plumbing under the floor or in the wall. We made the decision to create a box around the ugly pipe that runs seamlessly along the bottom of the wall hiding everything away!

Tip four: Don’t be afraid to step away from the typical white on white bathroom and do something a bit different.

When we saw these gorgeous blush Rosa terrazzo tiles from Perini Tiles, we couldn’t resist! By laying them on the floor and up one wall it draws the eye up, exaggerating the ceiling height and creating a beautiful feature.

Tip five: If colour is not your thing, try introducing a feature tile with some kind of texture. Otherwise laying the tiles in a different pattern, like the herringbone pattern we’ve achieved, is another option.

Tip six: Safety! Bathrooms mean water, and water means the possibility of slipping over and that’s the last thing we’d want, especially with little kiddies running around. One of our biggest tips is making sure you choose a floor tile with a matte finish instead of a gloss. This will reduce that dangerous slip factor! 

Tip seven: We always recommend introducing different finishes and materials in a space but it is also important to keep a level of consistency. Continuing with our beautiful black hardware to match the kitchen, from Meir’s amazing range, we’ve selected the black wall mounted tap and mixer, toilet roll holder and towel hook all to match. We also continued our love for the new favourite Caesarstone Airy Concrete by adding this as our bench top, just the same as our kitchen! #winning


Tip eight: Injecting character and personality into a space with unique pieces and styling accessories is what brings life to a space. Introducing different shapes into our gorgeous power room was something we definitely wanted to do. So when we came across this Middle of Nowhere arched black mirror, paired with nood co’s amazing oval concrete blush sink, it was a match made in heaven! Let's not forget our smoked grey glass feature Unika pendant from Lights, Lights, Lights...stunning! Last but not least, we styled with our favourite Behr & Co vessels and teamed them with our hot of the press new Tangent G.C. organic skincare products

Now hit us with the questions! Can’t wait to hear your feedback and thoughts.



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