Project Seven - Creating a Space for When Five Become Seven

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Posted on September 09 2019

Project Seven - Creating a Space for When Five Become Seven | Norsu Interiors

We're at it again but this time for the people who need it most!

Our norsuHOME team has embarked on a charitable initiative we like to call Project Seven. A project that is held very closely to the hearts of our norsu team.

When we opened our first norsu store five years ago, with my then six month old baby Harvey in toe (what was I thinking!), we met Jess…known in our local community as the Pied Piper with a ginormous tribe of children who lovingly followed.

Little did we know back then that Jess would not only look after my Harv for the years to follow, but that in addition to parenting her three biological sons, Jess and husband Andrew would go on to fostering children desperately in need.


This is my little Harvey (1) on his first day with Jess. Bless.

Jess and Andrew have been fostering children temporarily, through Berry Street, for several years. Eighteen months ago a special little person entered their lives as a wee one straight from hospital. He has just been placed into their permanent care. It doesn't end here though, his sister aged seven, also needed a new safe home to live in and being the generous people that they are, the family decided that they would provide a permanent home for both children, changing their family of five into seven....literally overnight.

The new members of the growing tribe...

We can't share pics of the kiddies faces due to privacy but my goodness our hearts burst just looking at their shoes! 

As you can imagine, considerable and immediate changes must be made to their current home in order to provide an additional bedroom for their fifth child, and their run down kitchen will no longer cope with the growing demands. This is where norsu is stepping in and boy are we proud as punch to be helping.

Together with our amazing local community, who have raised much needed funds, and with the generosity of so many of our industry suppliers who have donated products and services, we will install two new spaces in the family home. Here's what we're doing...

Space One: The Tiny Home

Along with generous Soulspace Studios who have donated their building services, we are building an innovative and stylish tiny home in the family's back garden, enabling their eighteen year old son to relocate to his own private haven, providing much needed space in the main home for their two new foster children.

Space Two: The Family Kitchen

Along with generous Zesta Kitchens who have donated the cabinetry manufacturing, we are redesigning and renovating the old kitchen, providing the growing tribe with a central family hub for sharing meals, full of much needed storage and workable cooking space. 

Their current kitchen...imagine feeding more than ten kiddies every day with these limited facilities.
Photography credit: Kate Collingwood Photography

None of this would be possible if it wasn't for our inspiring industry friends who have blown us away with their contributions. We need to shout their names from the rooftop. Special thanks go to:

For those interested to hear a little bit more about Berry Street, we encourage you to visit their website. Berry Street believe children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful and we couldn't agree more. Berry Street is one of Australia’s larger child and family services organisations. They continue to help those who have been abused to rebuild their lives, protect those at risk, and find the best ways of preventing abuse from ever happening. 

My now grown up Harvey (5) with his best little mate...

Please join us on this heartfelt journey as together we change the lives of those who need it most. We will be sharing regular progress updates on our @norsuinteriors and @norsuhome Instagram accounts.

Big kisses,

Nat, and our gorgeous norsu team who are generously dedicating their love and hard work xx

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  • Sam: January 15, 2020

    How much is the price of tiny house for backyard pls

  • Tracy Mackle : September 09, 2019

    Loving, inspiring wonderful selfish people are truly cherished, even thou it might not feel like it at times, you truly are amazing.

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