Choosing the perfect cushion combo every time!

May 11, 2022 Nat Wheeler

Get ready to take a step by step journey to choosing the best combination possible for your sofa, occasional chair or bed! We share our secret formula across all the important aspects of cushion selection - size, shape, position, colour/texture/pattern - and even show you our current favourite combos, guaranteed to suit every style...

Annabel's bedroom makeover 

May 05, 2022 Nat Wheeler

  I'm sure we can all be sympathetic to the struggles of the emerging tween, and with Nat's daughter Annabel approaching eleven years old, we all agreed it was time for a cheeky bedroom refresh! 

Choosing the perfect rug

Apr 28, 2022 Nat Wheeler

Choosing the perfect rug is not an easy task. With decisions to be made around pile, size, material, colour/tone, practicality, shape and positioning, the options can be endless and completely overwhelming. Say hello to our step by step guide - your one stop shop for meeting your perfect rug match!

Dial Up the Warmth

Apr 22, 2022 Kristy Sadlier

  If you're anything like us, at some point this week you've said to yourself, 'wow it's cold!' So as your puffer jackets and fluffy socks make their debut, so too should your warm blankets and textured cushions...and that's where we come in!   

Design your own Mother's Day gift box

Apr 21, 2022 norsu interiors

This year, we've taken our Mother's Day gifting to another level, curating the perfect gift box for every type of Mum. Simply hand select the pieces that best suit your Mum and we'll package them up in our gorgeous norsu gift box.

Introducing The Washables

Apr 21, 2022 norsu interiors

No longer do we need to worry about children or pets lounging on our delicious cushions, this range combines the best of both worlds, looking fabulous while allowing all cushions to be gently machine washed..

Find the perfect lamp

Apr 21, 2022 norsu interiors

If there's one thing our norsu community has gone crazy for (besides candles and cushions), it's LAMPS!! There's nothing better than snuggling up during these cooler Winter nights to the soft glow of a lamp, and there's no better time than now after we received our biggest delivery ever this week!

norsuHOME Hampton

Apr 21, 2022 norsu interiors

It is with pure excitement and joy that we finally throw open the doors to our newest location, norsuHOME Hampton. Joining forces with Lowe Living, we are thrilled to be popping up in Bayside to be a part of their Hampton Hill precinct project.

Need help styling your coffee table - book our eStyling

Apr 21, 2022 norsu interiors

If there's one thing we love, it's styling the perfect coffee table. However, we know this is much easier said than done! So let us do the hard work for you with our newest styling eService; style your coffee table like a pro.

Style your dining room

Apr 21, 2022 norsu interiors

My late Father-in-Law Mark's greatest passion in life (apart from his family) was the dining table. He would always tell me..."Natty Noo, it's so much more than just a place to eat! It's the hub of the home - a cherished space to come together with family and friends. A place for sharing stories, creating area where you often learn the most about one another". He was so right. And I will never forget this.