Project Seven Update - Our Brand Spanking Kitchen

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Posted on October 16 2019

Project Seven Update - Our Brand Spanking Kitchen | Norsu Interiors

As you’ve seen over the past month it’s been full steam ahead for Project Seven. For those that haven’t been following our journey on @norsuHOME, we crazily embarked on a charitable initiative…a project that is held very closely to the hearts of our norsu team. It’s been more than amazing and let’s just say, the new grey hairs have been well worth it!

Close friends of our norsu clan have been fostering children temporarily, through Berry Street, for several years. Almost two years ago a special little person entered their lives as a wee one straight from hospital. He has just been placed into their permanent care. It doesn't end here though, his sister aged eight, also needed a new safe home to live in and being the generous people that they are, the family decided that they would provide a permanent home for both children, changing their family of five into seven....literally overnight.

As you can imagine, changes needed to be made to their current home in order to provide an additional bedroom, and their run-down kitchen could no longer cope with the growing demands. This is where norsu stepped in…we knew (well, let’s be honest, we had our fingers crossed!) that our divine supplier friends and tradie mates would lend a hand with donations and services, and we weren’t wrong!

Fast forward a few months, we are only days away from completing a brand new kitchen and dining renovation, and we’re only weeks off craning a tiny home into their back garden, providing them with an extra bedroom and bathroom! 

With the kitchen nearly finished, it’s time take a walk down memory lane (Nat, it’s only been four weeks, you sentimental fool!) to show you how far we’ve come! 

The demo
This was one of the best days of my life, so I can’t begin to imagine our excited our owners were. Bye bye the smallest, darkest and least practical kitchen we’ve ever seen. Keep reading because if you’re Melbourne based, I’m about to mention all of our favourite tradies…so grab a pen and dot down their deets…Jase from Ferarro Plumbing disconnected all plumbing, Liam from 181 Electrical turned off all power and Patty from McGann Maintenance enjoyed demolishing it within seconds. Greg our now favourite plasterer (sorry to those who I’ve worked with in the past!) covered the old derelict fire places and the door way we no longer needed, which created a larger and brighter space, ready for the new cabinetry!

The cabinetry
We first met gorgeous Toby and Jo Walker from Zesta Kitchens when working on our Upsize renovation series earlier this year. They are both so committed to giving back to our community so when I asked them to come on board Toby said “yes” before I even finished my first sentence (perhaps he thinks I talk too much!). Paying homage to the era of the 1920s home, Zesta provided a beautiful Hamptons kitchen – ah hello, it was love at first sight!!! Patty whipped it into place in two days flat…Grand final day was fast approaching and the boys weren’t missing out on beers in front of the footy! The flooring
When renovating any space be prepared for a few unforeseen challenges along the way. Expect the unexpected is my tip to any budding renovator out there! For us, it was the flooring. Once we’d installed the new cabinetry which looked hot to trot, suddenly the orange stained floors jumped out at us like a sore thumb! And once there’s something in our mind, we can’t move forward without fixing it. Lucky for us, the owners friends had the same concerns and this is when they hooked us up with Frank from Royal Timber Flooring. We shipped the family out for a week and Frank threw on the headphones and sanded like there was no tomorrow. Five days later and voila, hello Scandi inspired light timber floors. And for those that asked me on insta, yes you’re spot on, we should have sanded them before the cabinetry when in…lucky for us we just kept the kickboards off!
The bench tops
If I’m completely honest, I’ve had a crush on the CDK Stone range for a very long time (is it actually possible to have a crush on a benchtop…I’m clearly losing it!) so when Tony offered a donation of stone I nearly did cartwheels down Burke Road. Lozzy and I visited their Moorabbin showroom, and like two kids in a candy store we selected the Blanco Cararra Neolith. Why Neolith you ask? Three quick reasons…it’s renowned for dealing with the most demanding conditions (surely feeding 12 kids a night falls into this category…it doesn’t stain or scratch!). It’s completely natural with no nasties meaning you can literally eat of its surface and the European designs meant we could create some norsu magic! Adi and Almira from Stonelux (yes, they worked on the blush bathroom in the Mount Erica Hotel!) jumped on board and provided their stone masonry expertise and watching their precision and attention to detail was seriously inspiring and we loved them so much, we might just be working on a new side project together (watch this space!) The tiling
It wouldn’t be a norsu creation without some blush! Did you think we’d forgotten this part? Hell no! When it came to selecting the splashback we knew instantly it needed to be pink and like all of renos, we looked no further than Perini Tiles. Rob, Mark, Kate and Pam have become good friends of ours and share our mutual obsession for designing beautiful spaces. We had heart palpitations when we discovered their Moda fish scale mosaiced tile in blush – it fast became a non-negotiable for Project Seven. With a desperate call out on insta for a tiler, we were so thrilled when Bobby (or shall we say Bobby’s wife) from Dynamic S’Tiling responded. We did a little insta stalking and quickly found out Bobby just completed Andy and Deb’s bathrooms on The Block. Can you imagine the happy dances that took place! Bobby worked his magic laying the precious glass tiles, and applied a gorgeous pale grey (Misty Grey for those wanting to know) grout which softened the look within seconds. #winning Tapware and appliances
Loz always picks on me when it comes to my limited use of black in design. Perhaps it’s an age thing or it’s my unwavering love for pastels…she tells me I need to become more “edgy”. So I threw caution to the wind and listened to the youngster in my talented team and we went black tapware, a gunmetal grey sink and even black appliances. Who am I, I’ve changed!?! We dropped our gorgeous mate Chloe from Meir Australia a note about the job and like all others, it was an instant yes and that made our hearts sing! Meir have the best range, quick hurry, go and check out their website! The double basin sink is literally a dream and the extendable nozzle on the mixer is cleaning genius. We teamed these Meir goodies with some of our favourite Smeg appliances and it’s a match made in heaven. Just delicious.

All that’s left to do now is the painting and I can tell you that today’s preparation looks spectacular. We’ve selected our favourite Dulux tones and we can’t wait to see it finished tomorrow. After this, we get to install the stunning Lo&Co Interiors door hardware and then it will be time for styling and photos…or should I say more importantly, time for this amazing family to pour a well deserved glass of bubbles and say to cheers to their family of seven in their brand spanking new kitchen!

Remember it’s takes a village to raise a child…and boy do we have the best village around town! A heartfelt thanks to everyone involved – we love you all!

Nat, Kristy, Loz and team norsu xxx

P.S Watch closely next week when our brand new Soulspace Studios tiny home comes to life!

None of this would be possible if it wasn't for our inspiring industry friends who have blown us away with their contributions. We need to shout their names from the rooftop. It also goes without saying that we (and our owners) couldn't have done it without the support of our local community, both with their generous donations and emotional support. Special thanks go to:


For those interested to hear a little bit more about Berry Street, we encourage you to visit their website. Berry Street believe children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful and we couldn't agree more. Berry Street is one of Australia’s larger child and family services organisations. They continue to help those who have been abused to rebuild their lives, protect those at risk, and find the best ways of preventing abuse from ever happening. 

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