If you're anything like us, at some point this week you've said to yourself, 'wow it's cold!'

So as your puffer jackets and fluffy socks make their debut, so too should your warm blankets and textured cushions...and that's where we come in! 

The warmth edit is all about feeling snug, safe, and comfortable in your space.

We know there is nothing better than coming home after a long day, lighting a candle, popping on your slippers, and sitting on your sofa wrapped in a blanket

(even if this occurs after putting the kiddies to bed!). So let us do the hard work and help you to achieve the cosy space you deserve. 

What's trending This Autumn/Winter season

Warm tones

Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean you need to use cool tones in your home! We're loving warm neutrals alongside shades of tobacco, turmeric, olive,

and blush. So swap out those grey cushions for something warmer to create the cosy space of your dreams!

Layering textures

We love layering. It is such a simple but effective way to create the feeling of comfort whilst looking luxurious. Try laying a cashmere throw with a sheepskin,

or adding a bouclé cushion next to your velvet. 

Mood lighting

Building a restful space is as much about setting the mood as anything else. After a busy day, opt for switching on a few lamps rather than your down lights.

This quick swap makes the biggest difference to the warmth and overall serenity of your space. 

Meet our cosy new throws