Style your Floors like a PRO eService

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Get ready to meet your perfect rug match!
We are totally rug obsessed at norsu. In our eyes, there's nothing better than coming home, whipping off your shoes and stepping on a soft, plush rug.

But choosing the perfect rug is not an easy task. With decisions to be made around pile, size, colour/tone, practicality, shape and positioning, the options can be endless and completely overwhelming.

We get that purchasing a rug is a big investment, and we want to make sure you get it right!

So that's where we can step in and take the headache away, with our latest rug selection eService...

How it works

Do you have a bare floor that needs some warming up, and don't know where to start?? Simply send us pics, answer our simple questions,
and wait for our styling gurus to match you with your perfect rug for that space.

Step 1.
Purchase one of our eStyling packages.

Step 2.
Take a pic of your of your space, capturing all existing furniture and
decorative items within the area.

Step 3.
Fill in our quick eStyling form to answer some simple questions about your room, lifestyle and rug requirements and upload your pictures and a floor plan of your room (if possible?).

Step 4.
Sit back and wait for our eStyling team to match you with your perfect rug. Receive a visual representation of your newly styled space.

Step 5.
Order your gorgeous rug and prepare for your home and lives to be completely transformed!

How long does it take to receive my eStyling concept?
We will do our best to turn around your concept as quickly as possible, but depending on volume of work, it may take up to 5 business day days.

What if I don't like the rug chosen?
We will endeavour to provide you with several recommendations, however we understand we may not get it right first time every time. We would be happy to offer one additional iteration based on your feedback. Please be as specific as possible in your questions, because we want to get this right for you!

Did you know - we also have cushion, console, coffee table and art styling eServices also? Let our styling team do all the hard work for you!