Add Cushions like a PRO eService - Bed (4-6 cushions)

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We're bringing our physical styling into your home this lockdown so you can experience the in-store shopping experience virtually from the comfort of your home!

For the longest time, you have asked questions about cushion pairings - which fabrics work together, which shapes should I choose, how do I incorporate texture or colour without going overboard...

If you're a little overwhelmed with all the possible combos - allow us to take the decision making process even easier! Introducing our new personalised cushion placement virtual styling service.

Simply send us a pic of your sofa or bed and we'll style it virtually for you.

Step one:
Take a pic of your sofa or bed (along with any other defining elements within the room (artwork, furnishings, coffee table, rug etc)

Step two:
Fill in our quick questionnaire to answer some simple questions about your style

Step three:
Wait for our store styling experts to send you a visual representation of your new sofa or bed loaded up with cushion goodness!

Step four:
Simply follow the links to check out, wait for your special delivery and style up your new cushions like a total pro!

Please see example of the magic you'll receive here.

Lockdown offer
Given we aren't going anywhere this weekend, our store stylists will be on hand ready to provide you with your concepts within 24hrs all weekend. Usual turnaround time is 48 hours.