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Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

We’re completely and utterly obsessed with sourcing hard to reach art from across the globe that isn’t readily available in Australia. 

We're committed to finding affordable options, and strongly believe you can create an amazing interior space without breaking the bank. We have your prints and frames covered - we're a one stop shop for all interior art!

Choosing the art

Artwork is such a personal choice and to truly love the end result we recommend selecting pieces that make your heart skip a beat. Remember that you need to live with this on your wall every day, so make sure it evokes a positive emotional response. 

Choose your key pieces this way and add from here, always having the colour palette of your room in mind – for example soft and pastel, or bold and monochromatic.

When selecting a gallery wall, make sure you get the mix of bold prints with simpler ones right. We’d recommend selecting one or two bolder pieces, then teaming them with some subtle pieces that don’t compete.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and incorporate art in different sizes to create the ultimate gallery wall. A tip from team norsu, the bigger the better for your main piece.

In our opinion, the key to a great gallery wall is to select prints in various sizes and orientations and cluster your art in a random fashion rather than keeping it too structured. 

We have hundreds of prints in our artLAB so fingers crossed we have a piece (or two…or three) that suits every space. 

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Choosing a frame

Mix up your frame colours, it’s rare that we’d ever stick to just one. A great combination of oak, white and black are our faves and most recently we’ve loved adding a pop of colour. In this pic of course we selected our infamous blush pink.

We’re huge fans of mixing it up…gone are the days where traditional frames are the only option. Put your creative hats on, as the ideas are endless - use washi tape to stick art directly onto the wall, wooden wall sticks are a recent interior trend, as are large bulldog clips that work so well with our Love Warriors prints – they not only look great, but are ever so affordable. 

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Framing your art

OK so you've now selected your favourite pieces of art and you've spent hours agonising over what frame colour to use! You're visualising how sensational your new space is going to look. You're nervous though as you have concerns about bending or marking your new precious art as you embark on the framing process. Have no fear though, we're here to step you through some simple steps to make it a whole lot easier...

  1. If you've received your art from us in the mail, it will arrive it a sturdy poster tube. Tip the tube over so the poster slides out naturally - they will be wrapped securely with tissue paper. Try not grab or pull the posters out as it may cause you to bend the print ends. No!

  2. Carefully unroll the artwork and take extreme care to flatten the artwork. Ask a friend to help you so you can use two hands at the top and two at the bottom. Believe us, this reduces any unwanted creases.

  3. Once you've successfully rolled out your prints on a clean flat table, we highly recommend you place clean heavy flat items such as books on either end of the poster. If time permits - and you have the patience - leave this for 24 hours. It's well worth the wait.

Hanging your art

Don’t be constrained by the home you live in. If you’re renting 3M strips will soon become your best friend as they won’t mark the wall. Don’t forget about leaning and layering either – we’re massive advocates of placing artwork on furniture and picture shelves. Of course for longevity, get out the hammer and drill and give it your best shot. While we take a care-free approach at norsu, we must admit it’s hard to live without a good spirit level tool.

Before fixing your art to the wall, try laying it out on the floor (starting with the larger and bolder pieces first) to make sure you’re happy with the look. 

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