Create a Tonal room using a Winter White palette

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on May 20 2021

Create a Tonal room using a Winter White palette | Norsu Interiors

A tonal room is made up of one main hue, in our case winter white, which was incorporated with various tints and tones of white, such as ivory, ecru and cream.

As the cooler months approach us, and the days are shorter, traditionally our impulse is to go darker and moodier. But we are here to show you how going tonal or monochromatic in a space, such as a winter white bedroom, can result in a calming and relaxing, on trend interior?


Follow Nat's tips below on how to create a tonal room with interest and depth and to avoid the risk of a cold, harsh and unfriendly interior. 
A tonal colour palette won't suit every room in your home. However don't be afraid to incorporate a tonal colour palette into one special room or space, where you desire extra calm, balance and harmony. Bedrooms are naturally an ideal space for a tonal palette, as we often seek a relaxing and restful inducing atmosphere.  

Incorporating contrast through textures and layers is key to achieving the interest and depth required of a successful tonal interior. Combining warm whites in natural textures, such as our new Boucle bedhead, and ottoman, the Eadie Lifestyle Boho and Bedu cushions, and the timeless white sheepskin work well, because of their physical and visual texture coupled with a similar warm palette. Together these elements create a soft and luscious feeling.


 Playing with finishes is key to a balanced space. Contrasting with the softer finishes are the structured Ethnicraft Monolit bedside table and the smaller decorative items such as the norsuHOME fluted candle, Zakkia Brlap tray and L&M Home Mona curve pot planters. When paired with the soft furnishings, these pieces create a scheme that is rich and full of depth. 


 A small pop of colour, such as the blush pink and green found in the Adele Naidoo art work, is useful in providing the eye some visual relief without breaking the tonal look.



We have used winter white, but tonal decorating is only limited by your imagination. There are many palettes that can be used for vibrant and interesting room. We hope you enjoy the process of styling up a storm in your own home with these simple tips... xx

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Watch Nat in action as she walks us through this space.


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