The norsuHOME - The Backstory

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on January 02 2018

The norsuHOME - The Backstory | Norsu Interiors

The story so far…

Most of you know I begrudgingly let go of our old home last year. Some would say I’ve only just got over it. Others would say I’m still in mourning.
For those who don’t, we outgrew our first beloved home…the pseudo norsu showroom we lovingly renovated for our babies Annabel and Harvey. It’s where norsu all began and let’s be honest, it’s where my obsession for renovating emerged (Nat be honest, it exploded!).

Reluctant to let go, the only thing that motivated me to take the plunge was to do it all over again and, this time hopefully better. Unlike most, Dan and I set out to find an old beauty, or as Mum likes to tell anyone who will listen “something unliveable”. Late last year, we settled on our new baby and while it was falling down, it contained truckloads of potential. Weirdly it was love at first sight…even if others didn’t feel the chemistry, we did.

Pushed to our limits financially we planned to simply update the house with a lick of paint, some new carpet and an affordable flat pack kitchen. Those that know me well knew this ambition would last about two seconds and I’m now here to tell you they were right. Never doing things in halves, quickly the sleepless nights planning the new makeover in my imagination took over, all logic was quickly thrown away. Let’s just say I’m very lucky to have such a supportive husband Dan, and business partner (aka my wife) Kristy who gave up on me years ago. The fun was quickly about to begin.

We settled one day, popped a bottle of bubbles (the soon to be favourite reno drink of choice), and started demolition the day after. Once a thought is in my mind, it never leaves. I knew I had one chance to make this happen, my now homeless family needed a home and fast, and they’re mother (yep that’s me) needed it to look and function a certain way. The race was well and truly on and let’s face it, I had no option of losing.

Completely humbled by your beautiful interest in our old home, we threw caution to the wind and well and truly pushed ourselves to the limit this time (and at some points, even breaking point for the self confessed adrenalin junkie). New members of the norsu family jumped on board…a group of filming gurus…who followed our entire reno journey, warts and all.

Over the coming weeks and months Kristy and I are crazily excited to be sharing it with you. We’ll impart our practical reno tips…you’ll soon see we’re beyond passionate about creating a superior space, applying creative choices, without breaking the bank (let’s be honest, I already did this last year!). You’ll see us restore a 1920s Cal Bungalow into a Nordic inspired, blush-toned norsu wonderland, the place we now lovingly call the norsuHOME.

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