Shelf Styling

by norsu interiors
Shelf Styling

Perfect Shelf Styling. Every time.

After putting the call out this week over insta, we were inundated with fabulous ideas for styling videos this year.
At the top of your list was shelf styling! so in true norsu fashion, we've styled up a storm for you in our new Hampton store, and picked the brains of our norsuHOME lead interior designer Lauren Bartlett-Bragg for all her top tips...

Learn How to Do it.

It’s no secret that at norsu we’re obsessed with adding greenery to our interiors. When it comes to styling a shelf, it’s the very first thing we suggest our clients do!
Tip: Place them on the far ends of the shelf, especially if they’re cascading plants, so the trails they grow over time don’t cover your pretty objects in the middle. If you have multiple shelves, place them at opposite ends…variation is key!

Colour palette
Select your favourite colour palette and stick to it, styling your shelf shouldn’t look like a colourful rainbow. It should feel calm and relaxing to gaze at.
Tip: Find a piece of art in your room or even better, choose something special to place on your shelf (could be art or cherished family photos). Use the colours included to determine your colour palette. If there are tones of peach, find other decorative objects in these hues to place on the shelves!

A combination of differing heights always adds interest to the eye!
Tip: There’s a little bit of art to this one…when you’re adding objects with different heights, remember you need to find balance. For example, if you place tall vases on the left, with a lower object in the middle, balance it with something taller like pillar candles or a plant to the right.

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Grouping your favourite goodies in clusters works like a treat, just like when we style dining and coffee tables!
Tip: So you don’t get overwhelmed, break it down into little clusters or stacks rather than madly tackling the entire shelf at once! Not even Lauren does this. :) Remember Nat’s rule of thumb…groups of three!

Books, books and more books please!
Tip: Mix it with groups of books by laying some horizontally and others vertically. Don’t be afraid to place pieces on them too, just like the vase in our video! If you’re an avid reader but you’re overwhelmed by how cluttered they look, simply flip them around and have the pages showing, instead of the spine. This will ensure you’re looking at one consistent neutral colour, rather than a myriad of tones!

Negative space
Less is more. Less is more.
Tip: The blank areas referred to as ‘negative space’ are just as integral as the areas with the pretty pieces. They create that calm tranquil feel we all seek, and highlight those special pieces that deserve to shine! 

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