Our top tips for choosing the perfect ottoman

Bianca Skordas

Posted on August 03 2021

Our top tips for choosing the perfect ottoman | Norsu Interiors


                                                 O T T O M A N S

                         T H E  U L T I M A T E  M U L T I - T A S K E R 

Ottomans are often an under appreciated workhorse, but this accessory is the ultimate multi-tasker. 


With a variety of uses, acting as a side table or simply to stack books or a plant, used to rest your feet or even extra seating when you have guests, the humble ottoman is the most versatile furniture item, both stylish and practical in your home.

The ottoman is truly a piece with longevity and versatility and just like any other piece of furniture, come in different styles, shapes and sizes. Getting the combination right will leave you with a beautiful signature piece for your home.

We break down our top tips to consider when buying an ottoman.


1.  U S E
Consider what uses you want an ottoman for.


Think through your needs and how you plan to use this ottoman. Also think through how you currently 'live' in the room, so what seating already have as well as the other pieces that play a role in how you use the space. Determining the function at the start of the process will help guide you in the next steps.







2.  S H A P E
Find a shape that works for your room.


From a practical view, you'll want to think about balance and flow, as well as keep size in perspective or you'll loose the functionality of how you walk around the room. If you have a room on the smaller side this is especially important to consider!

A round ottoman creates a softer feeling thanks to the lack of corners making easier to navigate around.

A square or rectangular shape are more of a classic feel and can compliment the hard edges of your sofa. The square shapes work great in pairs as a seating alternative and can be easily moved around as desired, whereas a rectangular shape is a good coffee table alternative or can be used to create a cosy seating nook.




3.  F A B R I C  &  C O L O U R
Upholstery is the secret to the ottoman's endless versatility.

This is your opportunity to add some interest through:
Colour pick a colour that ties the room together, we love a contrasting hue to set off the other pieces in the room.
Detailing small additions such as leather piping really elevate an ottoman and add sophistication
Texture this is our personal favourite as we find it can really bring the room to life, by introducing a tactile element through boucle or luxurious velvet.




                              S H O P  T H E  C O L L E C T I O N 


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