norsuHOME Two + Lighthouse Foundation

If you’ve been following Instagram, you may have noticed we’ve embarked on yet another renovation! This time we’re renovating my home…the original norsuHOME…AGAIN. Not only am I a glutton for renovation punishment, with Annabel and Harvey growing at a rapid pace, we desperately need more space. So, it is with great excitement (and a little bit of nervous trepidation) that today we officially kick off norsuHOME Two.

If you’re interested in following our crazy journey (I warn you, it’s not always going to be pretty!), prepare yourself for some raw and real insights into the world of building and:
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- When I’m not doning my pink construction hat, I’ll share all the juicy details and this week’s first update is one I’m praying you’ll take the time to read. It’s not purely interior focused, it’s about something extremely close to our hearts.
Nat xxx

What have we been up to this week?
“The Demo” or at norsu we like to call it “The Rehoming” stage

Some of you may have watched us complete the first stage of our renovation five years ago. We’d bought an original and revolting (to use a technical term) Californian Bungalow. We threw on our creative hats and adopted some cost effective “hacks” while collaborating with some amazing companies (now extensions of our norsu crew) to make it liveable for my beautiful family.

We always knew it would be temporary, but little did we know it would turn out so well. It quickly became a home where so many amazing memories were made, and not for a second did we think our norsu community would love it they way you did. I will be forever humbled and grateful for the love you showed us.

As our babies grew and the ‘sharing one bathroom’ bickering increased, we made the emotional decision to enter the second phase…norsuHOME Two. Acutely aware that the current contents of our beautiful house could not end up in landfill, we KNEW it was our burning responsibility to find it a new home. A simple “call out” on instagram late one Sunday was the start of something pretty special...

A long term follower of norsu answered our request and the minute we read Lighthouse Foundation, we knew we’d found our people. Lighthouse Foundation provides homes and therapeutic care programs to children and young people impacted by long-term neglect, abuse and homelessness. Having just acquired a new house and one in need of some serious TLC, it was the perfect candidate for “the rehoming”.

We have donated our benchtops, cabinetry, wardrobes, appliances, tapware, light fittings, curtains and heating system (basically anything that could be deconstructed!), and these will be reinstalled to help the Lighthouse Foundation transform their new space into a safe place where those who need it most will love to live. Nothing makes us feel happier. Enjoy the gallery below where we deconstruct the norsuHOME ready for its new owners and stay tuned for some more updates along it's journey.

Visit the Lighthouse FoundationVisit the Lighthouse Foundation