Adele Naidoo - Native '21 collection

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on August 13 2021

Adele Naidoo - Native '21 collection | Norsu Interiors

Our favourite South African artist Adele Naidoo has done it again with another stunning new limited edition botanical artwork collection. Continuing her signature soft pastel palette, and to-die for textural brush strokes that translate so utterly perfectly on a print (seriously, they need to be seen to be believed) 'Native '21' does not disappoint. Representing the various locations that Adele has lived in over the recent years, this collection is a true personal reflection of this remarkable artist's life...

Adele's artwork has been an absolute favourite of our beautiful community's since we launched her Flowerbed collection earlier this year. The soft tones she paints with pair so perfectly with our decorative accessories, it's a match made in interior heaven. 

All artwork is limited to 30 prints per piece and size, and printed with archival ink on premium 380gsm cotton blend canvas. All pieces are available unframed or framed in a Victorian Ash shadow box frame. 

Allow us to introduce you to the collection... 

‘Native’ - Proteas and Strelitzia



"Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, ‘Native’ reminds me of South African plains, sunsets, the strength of the people, and the power of nature. Seeing proteas on long road trips, fascinated by the contrasting colours of the Strelitzia in my father's garden - planted because it is my mother’s favourite - ‘Native’ is a very meaningful piece."




Wildflower’ - Pink Waratah, Protea, Magnolia



"The pink Waratah and Protea represent my forever home Australia, where I am so grateful for all the opportunities so far.  The Magnolia was one of the first flowers I fell in love in my teen years in Auckland, New Zealand - seeing them in bloom all over our neighbourhood."


‘Shanghai Rising’ – Peonies


adele naidoo shanghai rising norsu


"In late 2019 my husband and I made the decision to move to Shanghai after an amazing opportunity was presented. What a crazy amount of growth and learning happened in Shanghai! The fast-paced lifestyle that was China, pushed us to our limits and was as much rewarding as it was challenging. Shanghai allowed us to rise above it all and come back home with more fire and passion."


adele naidoo shanghai rising print norsu



 ‘She Blooms’ – Roses


adele naidoo she blooms print norsu


"This is a piece that represents the process of becoming, the path travelled, the changes as we grow and bloom. Over the years my art has evolved but what always remained the same is my love for vintage floral posters and floral tattoo compositions. This piece illustrates these two things and gives a perfect homage to a composition that I will always be drawn too and the significance of growing, changing, blooming."


adele naidoo she blooms print norsu





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