Vee Speers, Botanica - Gloriosa Superba poster print 50x70cm

norsu are thrilled to exclusively team with Paris-based Australian artist Vee Speers on her latest series, Botanica.

The polaroid style Botanica series of flora artwork symbolises a moment of peaceful solitude in a world that is becoming increasingly complex. Creating a quiet space away from the chaos of everyday life, like a secret garden the artist is carefully cultivating.

Vee adopts the same method of photography as she does with her human portraits, capturing the flowers outdoors in black and white, then subtly colouring them to enhance and transform them. The portraits draw the viewer into a botanical world, with an ethereal feel through their fresh new hues, animated by a powerful breath of new life.

This print depicts the Gloriosa Superba flower, (more commonly known as the flame lily, climbing lily, glory lily, tiger claw and fire lily) It is native to Africa and Asia, but is known worldwide as a ornamental plant.

Size: 50cm x 70cm.

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