norsuHOME Solid Brass Wall Hook / Knob, Small

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Following their intense passion for interior design and styling, the norsuHOME team have created their first exclusive brass collection.

This range encapsulates norsuHOME's commitment to creating homes that feel both luxurious and relaxing. 

Each piece is created lovingly using 100% solid brass with a divine matte finish.

Length: 38mm
Diameter: 40mm

So easy to install!

Step 1: Drill a hole in the wall and fill with the plastic plug (supplied) by hammering it into the wall
Step 2: Unscrew the large round end from the barrel of the hook 
Step 3: With your hand, screw the narrow end of the screw supplied into the barrel of the hook
Step 4: Once the screw is fixed to the barrel, use that section as a handle to screw the wider exposed part into the plastic plug in the wall
Step 5: Screw the large round handle back onto the barrel once it is secured to the wall

Need to see the install take place? Check out Nat's how to video here.