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House of Beatniks MOLN Print (50x70)

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MOLN (Cloud)

Photographic print with a narrative description of clouds in Swedish.

Size: 50 X 70cm.

Printed on 180g high quality paper, semimatte finish.

Language in Swedish.

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English translation: 

English translation: CLOUD: / A cloud is a visible colloid accumulation of small particles, usually very small water droplets, ice crystals or both, which floats freely in the atmosphere. A cloud may also contain liquid or solid gas, smoke or dust particles, such as derived from volcanic eruptions or sandstormar.Dimma differs from cloud only in that fog reaches down to the ground. Cloudiness usually starts from very small particles, condensation nuclei, in which either the water vapor condenses and forms droplets or deposit and form tiny ice crystals. Ice crystals can also be formed from frozen cloud droplets. Such a drop or crystal together with millions of others for us is visible as clouds. As a rule created clouds in the context of vertical air movements, such as convection, air is forced over a higher-lying terrain or large-scale air movements associated with weather fronts. Cloudiness is due to the atmosphere is a mixture of substances with different physical state. Therefore, it is not only earth that has clouds, but many celestial bodies with the atmosphere it has. Depending on atmospheric composition and temperature, they may be composed of substances other than water. Even in the space between the stars, in the so-called interstellar medium, occurs so-called interstellar clouds. Cloud science is part of meteorology.

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