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House of Beatniks DIMMA Print (61x91cm)

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Photographic print featuring a narrative dialogue of fog in Swedish - refer below for translation.

Size: 61 X 91cm.

Printed on 180g high quality paper, semimatte finish.

Language in Swedish.

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Ensligh translaiton of text:HAZE: / Fog is a type of colloid particles in which the liquid is atomized in the gas and occurs either when humid air is cooled to the dew point (radiation fog and advektionsdimma) or when humidity of the air is increased (and the front fog sjörök). To mist to be formed is required that the air is saturated with water vapor. It must also be so called condensation nuclei (microscopic airborne particles such as smoke, dust, dust) in which water vapor can condense. Fog means that the air is so laden with water droplets that the visibility is less than 1 km. The visibility of between 1 km and 1 mil talking instead about the haze. If the fog is made up of ice crystals known as the Ice Fog. Fog is common in winter than in summer, and are usually densely around sunrise. In Sweden, fog common in the mountain range, the southern Swedish highlands, Hanöbuktens at the coast of Uppland. The only difference between clouds and fog that clouds do not reach the ground. The science of fog is part of meteorology.

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