Dan Isaac Wallin - Torso III Print, 61 x 91cm - norsu interiors

Dan Isaac Wallin - Torso III Print, 61 x 91cm

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In the creative aspect of his work, Dan Isaac Wallin has a love of Polaroid. He prefers to work with a simple SX-70 or 4x5" large format camera, using long expired Polaroid film. Wallin gently and carefully treats and mistreats the Polaroid film while it is developing, until he gets the soft ‘other-world’ look, that is the signature style of his work.

His series mainly show outdoor motifs from the Swedish countryside. The colours and expressions change with the seasons, and behind these beautiful images there rests a serious, calm and poetic sensitivity.

Poster made from polaroid work. 

No digital afterwork has been done to the images.

Size: 61 x 91cm.

Printed on 200g photographic paper.