Byrne & Love x Adele Naidoo - Magnolia & Cedarwood scented candle

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All Byrne & Love candles are hand crafted in Australia using the finest soy wax, lead free cotton wicks and phthalate-free perfume oils infused with essential oils.We pride ourselves on our meticulous craftsmanship, local production and luxurious ingredients. Based in Avalon Beach, Sydney, we are proudly Australian (and a little bit Irish).

The Byrne & Love Artist collection is a love letter to art in all its forms. In collaboration with some of Byrne & Love's favourite artists and designers they have crafted a range of bespoke candles, each an homage to the artist and their practice.   
Painter and teacher, Adele Naidoo, has created a body of work composed of organic shapes and her signature palette of soft, pastel hues. Eternally feminine, chic and always brimming with joy and delight, Adele is inspired by flowers in full bloom and her own daydreams.  
Walk Amongst the Flowers is Byrne & Love's favourite piece from Adele’s Flowerbed (2021) collection. It adorns the candle packaging and inspired this stunning Magnolia fragrance.


Warm woody notes and drops of lemon mingle together for depth and uplifting freshness. But, at its heart lies sweet magnolia, one of Adele’s favourite fragrances, and the one that brings her paintings beautifully to life.