Aura Home Vintage Linen Fringe Round Cushion - Iris

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Aura Home's elegant, Pure Linen Fringe 45cm round cushions in Iris are made using natural, hand-woven linen fibres. As well as being rich in character and texture, linen is also an eco-friendly & bio-degradable fibre that does not require irrigation to grow. Aura linen is a hand made product, from dying, drying naturally in the sun, to being hand loomed by local artisans in one local community. All of the dyes used are natural and all by-products used in dying, including water and fabric offcuts are recycled & reused. All of their round cushions come with Memotech micro-blend fibre inserts that behave like feathers, but without the use of animal products or any allergy issues.

Not only will they hold their shape like traditional feather cushions do, but they will also recover their shape when you’re no longer leaning on them. 

  • Pure Linen
  • Hand-dyed & woven
  • Vintage Wash
  • New Microblend cushion inner
  • Matching hidden zipper