Love Warriors No 5 - Withering

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The warriors say: Blinded by love, infatuated. Please lead me when I cannot see. Let's wake up together and love shall always shine in our eyes

At Love Warriors, Ela Strand & Anna Scholtz love co-operation. Printed on tyvek or fine art paper. Tyvek is a modern material with a bit of both; sheen and sturdiness. Tyvek is a synthetic material of high density and high-gloss, very strong, thin and water resistant.

Embossed with a stamp to guarantee authenticity
This print is available in 100×100 cm Tyvek or 50×50 Fine art paper.

*NB - The H 100 x W 100 cm print does not need to be framed as two carbon rods, & two black metal clips for hanging casually cool are included. The H 50 x W 50cm comes without.

Adhesive rods are to be attached horizontally at both the top and bottom of the back of your print. This helps the print remain flat when hanging. Adhesive rods can not be removed once attached.