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    When Norsu met Kate & Kate

    Josh Stapleton

    Posted on March 23 2017

     This week I sat down with the girls behind the beautiful company Kate & Kate, who conveniently names are both Kate, which means I only have to remember one name, clearly a win win. As you may have seen floating around the social world, Kristy and Nat collaborated with Kate x 2 and when you put four creative blush leather cushion obsessed passionate women in one room you get the blush leather cushion that will give you the biggest blush-crush. (Seriously, I'm not even blushing you.) 

    Surprisingly I dropped the mic and the talking was left up to the four ladies, bizarre I know? But there's alway solace in finding out the story behind the art, and this cushion is some serious art!

    How did Kristy and Nat come about making magic with Kate & Kate?
    norsu: In our minds, we had already started planning a few collaborations. Kate & Kate were of course on the top of our list! So when they asked, it was an absolute no-brainer we jumped at the opportunity!
    K&K: We met with Kristy and Nat one day for a casual lunch and suddenly we suggested we should collaborate and create something special! We were all stations go and began design choices over lunch...

    What was the creative process like?

    norsu: As a retailer of many brands, we spend most of our time ensuring the products of our suppliers work cohesively within our existing range. But, having the ability to completely flip this model and design something ourselves that is 'uniquely norsu' for our own collection was an incredible experience.
    Over great coffee and health bars, we met in the stunning surrounds of the K&K showroom in Port Melbourne to begin brainstorming. It's really not hard to find your creativity in this beautiful space, so by the time we left our first meeting, we'd pretty much locked everything away...
    K&K: We love a collaboration and this was the most special of experiences. It's often hard to find retailers with a cohesive product range that will intertwine with our range. Sometimes the contrast from our products to others can be quite strong so we thought of nothing better than to create something the could sit against our latest Carnival collection and also look great amongst the norsu range. 
    We wanted to allow the girls to evolve their own norsu look with a hint of Kate & Kate and allow our knowledge to amalgamate as one piece of magic! Every detail was covered, from the combined logo right through to the embossed brand labels. 

    Why blush pink?

    norsu: From the outset, we knew that whatever we designed, it would have to be in our signature colour of blush pink, making that aspect of the design process a fairly easy one.
    K&K: Through many of our collections we've worked with pastels and neutral colours, not necessarily because of trends at the time but because that's what we love and what we even incorporate into our fashion choices so it was a organic choice...and who doesn't love blush?   

    So leather...? How come ?
    norsu: Leather is definitely something we had been eyeing off for a few months before the Kates approached us. There certainly was not a blush leather cushion around and this was almost a niche we all wanted to tackle. It was another layer to the new Kate & Kate Carnival collection that we are currently stocking so it was only natural. 
    K&K: We all came to the conclusion that there was a gap in the market for an affordable leather cushion. The integrity of our company is all about the quality of the fabric as well as it always being a little luxurious which we associated with the use of leather. The leather we've used is ethically sourced and like Kate & Kate products it's still at an affordable price! 

    The cushion is available from 8am tomorrow Friday the 24 March. Click any one of the photos above to purchase!

    See you next time :)

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