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Kristy Sadlier

Posted on May 26 2021

We 💗  Aussie Art! | Norsu Interiors

It's no surprise to hear we are big lovers of art at norsu. With a shop full of beautiful Limited Edition Artwork and Original art gracing our walls, it always feels like home! 

To celebrate Australian Made week, we are shining a light on our adored Aussie artists who's talent astounds us every single day! 

Kimmy Hogan

Kimmy Hogan is a Geelong based trained professional graphic designer with a love of illustration, art and interiors. Whist her art is all digitally created it is still very ‘hand drawn’ with each line and shape being created with the stroke of the hand and each fleck of colour being carefully considered. The simplified curves and shapes of colour give the image a more painterly, impressionistic feel which range in subject matter from traditional to modern.


Tracey Mock

Tracey is a visual artist living and working in Melbourne. A self-taught artist, she finds the continual process of exploring new techniques and colour combinations both exciting and exhilarating.

Her love for design and architecture strongly influence her artworks and inspire her to create current but timeless pieces. Her expressionist style of artworks are composed of carefully selected shapes and colours that create a sense of balance and calm while still being quite bold. Working with mixed media she build layers on canvas to create a soft and subtle textured appearance. Tracey's hope is that her artworks will emanate a sense of peace and happiness within the homes they end up in.

norsu interiors Original artwork artist Tracey Mock interior design


Bonnie Gray

Bonnie Gray is an artist based on the Central Coast, Australia. Affectionately known as a scientist of colour, Bonnie’s work is like no other. 

Every artwork has a unique touch. Words, poems, songs and stories are hidden amongst 90s tropical colours and layers upon layers of abstract shapes and textures. Having a signature “Bonnie Gray” means you have a ray of sunshine within your space. Without inhibition, Bonnie expresses that which is wonderfully unique yet at the same time, evokes but one feeling within the viewer: pure, boundless joy.

norsu interiors limited edition artwork Bonnie Gray Australian artists interiors


Bibi Ana + Co

Artist Marcia Priestley is a line artist and abstract artist. Her love of motif design & pattern formation shape her free flowing hand painted style, as she works across many mediums and themes. 

Endlessly inspired by Mother Nature found in everyday life, Marcia paints in her studio surrounded by the Australian bush.

norsu interiors Bibi Ana artist Australian artists limited edition artwork large artworks interiors


Want to see more?

Watch Nat as she talks through all stunning artwork pieces we currently have in store!



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