Upsize with norsu - Episode Five, The Finishing Touches

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Posted on April 23 2019

Upsize with norsu - Episode Five, The Finishing Touches

After eight months of renovating, it's hard to believe that we are finally at the end. It has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences we've had to date transforming a two-bedroom home into a four bedroom two bathroom home with a plunge pool for our clients Amy and Trent and their children Chloe and Emma. Yes, it's true, we do like the pretty stuff, but for us it's so much more than that. It's about transforming a house into a home, a tranquil oasis where your family can escape the daily grind, and spend much loved time with each another. This week we are thrilled to share with you the outdoor living space as well as looking back on this incredible journey…

When it come to the front of the home first impressions are so important and what I love about this home is the balance we achieved between practicality and superior design. We have been able to fit in two off street car spaces - which is so integral to resale - but have coupled this with breathtakingly gorgeous landscape design…all with the help of the talented Robert Boden Design team.

Rather than focusing on a traditional symmetrical garden, a blend of numerous paving surfaces such as concrete, aggregate and luxurious blue stone have been used. They have been carefully laid in an eye catching pattern and beautiful greenery has been interwoven to give instant warmth and life the minute you step in. A personal favourite is the Weeping Silver Birch that Trent and Amy can also enjoy when sitting in their adult’s retreat. 

The back garden area was a challenging one due to the small size but as the saying goes “great things come in small packages” and we were not going to be deterred because of scale! Don’t for a second think you’ve can’t fit a pool in if you have a small back garden, it just requires creativity in your planning. For us we focused on positioning and ensuring it was as close to the property’s boundary as possible. We then wrapped a deck using our favourite spotted gum down the side of the pool and across the end of the living room, allowing us to run the pool screen into the steel window frame. This ensured we maximised every inch of space as essentially the living room windows became part of the pool fence, a great space saving idea!

Amy and Trent wanted a dedicated area where the kids could run around on. As Trent and Amy are busy business owners and parents with young children, we installed synthetic grass so that ongoing maintenance is care free. Despite being small the all year round greenery makes the perfect spot for riding bikes and outdoor play. 

I honestly can’t believe it’s now over! Reflecting on this amazing journey, there are some VERY important people I would like to thank. To and Godfrey Hirst for supporting our crazy ideas and for sharing them with the the masses! To Visual Domain - especially our producer Glynn - for capturing the journey so perfectly and for the trillions of laughs along the way. To my partner in crime Loz. Lauren was thrown in at the deep end…not only did she design the interiors she thrown into the spotlight behind the camera and never once battered an eyelid (not even on the day she was terribly hungover - lol)! To our divine community of followers, thank you so much for watching with interest and for your never ending supportive comments. Last but not least…drum roll please…to Amy, Trent, Chloe and Emma…a HUGE thanks from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to help you with bringing your dreams to life, for your unwavering enthusiasm and hard work…and for allowing us to invade your space continuously with cameras every second of the way. Honestly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

There is no better feeling than helping a family transform their house into a home. If you are looking for any interior styling or design assistance, we'd love to meet with you and hear more about it - drop us a line at and let us know how we can assist!

Until series three (did I say that out loud?), enjoy the last episode and see you all very soon!

Nat x



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