Upsize with norsu - Episode Two, Open Plan Living

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Posted on April 02 2019

Upsize with norsu - Episode Two, Open Plan Living | Norsu Interiors


Trent and Amy are huge entertainers so when it came to designing the living room their full attention was thrown at this space, and seeing the gorgeous end result now, we can certainly see why. Happy to compromise on size in other areas, there was not one single trade-off when it came to building this open plan living space. To put it into perspective for you, this room measures twelve by eight metres…to say it’s massive is an understatement…it’s a social butterfly’s dream room. 

Welcome to the second episode of Upsize with norsu, brought to you by our valued partners and Godfrey Hirst. 

To make this large space work we needed to carefully zone the room into three differing areas: a sophisticated adult’s dining space, a highly functional children’s eating zone and a lounge area for relaxing at the end of a busy day. We had our work set out for us…these areas not only needed to standalone, but they also needed to cohesively come together to make the PERFECT living room. So here’s how we did it…

Adult’s dining space 
Extremely fond of throwing a dinner party, when it came to styling this area we just knew we had to throw a huge ten seater dining table in the space. Given we’d already used our favourite oak tones in the Godfrey Hirst timber flooring and in the kitchen, we opted for a black to compliment these. For those interested, we purchased the Ethnicraft Bok table which is a solid oak painted black and it’s minimal design is extremely breathtaking. Quite partial (this is putting it mildly) to a velvet dining chair, we strived for serious WOW factor and surrounded the table with Globe West’s Annabel chairs. Teaming these with the timeless Muuto Under the Bell pendant and a stunning 2.5 metre long Kristen Jackson original painting, this space certainly sings and I’m waiting for my invite to their first dinner party!    

Children’s dining nook
Let’s just say it’s not always practical to sit the kiddies on the luxe velvet chairs, despite them looking so gorgeous. To help section the room, we designed a dedicate space for Amy and Trent’s little girls to sit. To make the space more intimate we snapped up a round concrete Livorno table from Globe West, that can also double up as an outdoor table as it’s made of a highly durable material. When it came to seating, we gave significant thought to making it highly functional as we’re huge fans of adding storage where there is a even the slightest glimmer of hope. Along the back wall Zesta Kitchen added a low ‘built-in’ bench seat that has huge drawers that can be used for hiding the plastic jungle out of sight. We teamed this with several timber Kristie chairs from La Forma which are far more suited to little fingers at meal times. We so pleased we achieved a cafe style zone in their own home and it’s sure to be a popular one for the little people!

Lounge area
Who doesn’t love to lie down on a comfortable sofa at the end of a busy day, drink in hand and a good Netflix series on the TV! I know I certainly do (I’m into Ozark at the moment!). This is one area where the family spends most of their time so selecting the right furniture for this space was our top priority. Amy and Trent wanted a highly functional sofa - one that could be easily wiped down - but one that still looked stylish and welcoming in the space. Loz and I madly spent hours scouring the net and visiting endless shops searching for the right leather sofa, all to no avail. When you can’t find it, create it yourself and this is what we did. We worked with our gorgeous friends at The Cullin Design to design the most scrumptious leather couch you’ve even seen. For those keen to know, we used Warwick’s Thomas Maxwell artisan leather which has a pre-loved buttery appearance. You’ll also notice we’ve added a love seat also made by The Cullin Design, crafted out of our infamous grey linen with blush leather piping. To finish the look, we added layers of texture with norsu soft furnishing to add warmth and personality to the zone!

Our tips for creating the perfect open plan living room! 

  • If you love open plan living then extend your passion into selecting the right windows and doors. They frame your room and are the vital link between your indoor and outdoor space. Channelling some New York loft vibes, Trent and Amy invested in some thin framed steel doors and boy do I have envy here! The guys at Empire Steel saved the day when our original supplier fell through at the eleventh hour - we can’t thank you enough!
  • Make sure you install a hard wearing flooring surface as you spend most of your time as a family in this room. We selected Coastal Oak from the Oak Elegance range by Godfrey Hirst. It’s the perfect Scandi look and more importantly it’s premium finish means it’s long lasting especially when scooters fly down the room!
  • Rugs help to achieve different zoning in large rooms by defining the living space. We added an Armadillo & Co Sherpa rug in Pumice to this room which is soft under foot and the perfect tone of grey! 
  • Don’t overlook your window furnishings as these can make or break a space. When working with the architect in the planning stage, we included a recessed track allowing us to add the perfect linen sheers that appear to drop from the sky. Working with talented Matt from Sheridan Window Furnishings, we selected Warwick’s Aesop fabric in Atlantic and instantly these make the house feel like a home.
  • Greenery, greenery and more greenery. We wanted to breathe life into this large room so we’ve added an abundance of plants and flowers. We shopped up a store at our favourite Into the Wild store in Hampton and Ange from Bespoke Botanics filled the space with the most amazing florals. It’s like the outdoors have come in!
  • If you have little people, give thought to noise. For this busy family, it was integral to close off their main living room at the end of the day to keep noise down so their little ladies can sleep. With such a large opening, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to create a norsu hack. We’re obsessed with barn doors and constructing them ourselves allows us to be creative with our design and keeps cost to a minimum. A pre-made barn door two metres in width normally costs about two thousand dollars and we whipped with up using MDF for about $250.

We hope you love the open plan living space as much as we do and be sure to click on the link below to shop the look! See you again next week when you explore the new Adult’s Retreat!

Also before I forget, we've so humbled by the requests we've received for styling services. Drop us a note at if you want to book an appointment or for those far and wide, please see our new online moodboard option below!


Nat and Loz xx

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