Upsize with norsu - Episode Four, The Kid's Floor

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Posted on April 16 2019

Upsize with norsu - Episode Four, The Kid's Floor | Norsu Interiors

When you can't go out (well let’s face it, we did that too) you’ve got to go UP! With the extensive client brief we received from Trent and Amy we had no choice but to add a entirely new level to their home and boy are we happy we did! We were tasked with creating two gorgeous girl’s bedrooms, a bathroom for their little princesses, a multi-purpose room to be used both a guest bedroom and play room, and a study nook large enough to fit in four work stations. Wow wee - a huge task but one Loz and I were so excited about. At norsu, our favourite spaces to style are definitely for the little ones…this was a dream come true. We are delighted to present the next episode of Upsize with norsu, brought to you by our valued partners and Godfrey Hirst.

One of the very first things we did was engaging our wee owners, interviewing Chloe (4) and Emma (7), so we knew exactly what their requirements were…one wanted a purple princess room and they other wanted a tribal earthy vibe.  We love engaging our younger clients directly as it’s so integral to their personal growth that we design rooms that evoke their imagination, encourage creative play, and also create a sense of calmness at the end of a kinder or school day.

Here’s a little more detail about each of the rooms…


The girl’s bedrooms

We’re strong believers that even when designing a children's zone you don't need to select ‘kids only’ products. Design a room that will grow with your child as they get older. Also pay special consideration to the soft furnishings you use in your children’s rooms. Select beautiful colours and textures that your children will hold onto in the years to come and that are not purely ‘fast-fashion’ items. No matter what age your child is, you can still create a sophisticated space while also adding a touch of fun, reflecting their individual personalities. 

We did this in the light fittings we selected. For Chloe who longed for a purple princess room, we've installed a gorgeous feather pendant, which looks very dreamy now, but will also be extremely calming as she grows into teenager. On the contrary, for Emma we installed a rattan pendant from The Family Love Tree, which is earthy and will have longevity.

We then jam packed their bedrooms with furniture that will last and will not date - such as the Baby Brighton bedhead by The Cullin Design and the rattan bedhead The Family Love Tree - and them decorating with beautiful artwork from Mrs Mighetto, Kreativitum, Violet Eyes and our favourite Pax and Hart. So delicious!

Oh and I better not forget to tell you the colours we used as we always love to share the paint love! Chloe’s room we coated in Dulux Porcelain and we used our now favourite tone of peachy blush in Emma’s, called Pinkham Half also from Dulux. Both tones are a dream so we highly recommend you do the same!

Study nook

As always it was integral to integrate downstairs seamlessly with upstairs. We used Easycraft VJ panelling in the study nook, marrying up with what we’d also used downstairs, so that you feel a sense of cohesion the minute you step upstairs. Such a simple idea, yet one that’s affordable and one that connects the two zones together instantly. In front of this, Zesta Kitchens installed a four metre long floating bench top in an affordable vinyl wrap and we went to town styling up this space with the cutest office accessories, weeping plants and artwork that catches you eye the second you land upstairs.

The blush bathroom 

Let’s face it, when we have the slightest opportunity to add some blush to a bathroom we will. Creating a bathroom for two little girls…why hello, yes please blush! Committed to ensuring the upstairs bathroom had a similar feel to downstairs we used the same tiles from Perini but in different colours. Instead of repeating the grey finger tiles used in their ensuite, we lay the blush version. The ceiling in this room is so incredibly high so we covered the feature wall behind the bath creating the biggest WOW factor. We teamed these will a gorgeous blush round mirror from Middle of Nowhere, all with matching hot matte black tap ware and gorgeous Noble Grey Caesarstone. Can I please move in…like as in, NOW??

The multi-purpose room 

Committed to making the most of every little bit of space, Trent and Amy wanted to use the fourth spare bedroom for a dual purpose They love to have family and friends stay, so it was vital to create a guest bedroom. However, being so close in proximity to the children's bedrooms we also designed the space where the girls could also go and play with their toys. To ensure the two purposes came together perfectly we selected a timeless pastel colour palette for the room as a whole - tones that would appeal to both adults and children. Be sure to shop the look below to add some of the gorgeous items we used into your home! 

Pictures courtesy of Ross Campbell and Kate Pascoe Studio.

My goodness, I think we may have just finished upstairs when means all of inside. So there’s only one space left to share and this one is a little ripper - the outdoor zone when we jam pack so much goodness into such a small space. I can hear the girls splashing in the pool from here! 

Until next week, happy viewing.

Nat & Loz xx 

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