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Josh Stapleton

Posted on June 07 2017

From the other side of the Wold | Norsu Interiors
Fun fact... Did you know, the reason we call our print selection the artLAB is because each piece belongs to an artist that spends meticulous hours creating the incredible pieces available to place in your own home? I've suddenly decided to go very Mike Munro circa "This is your life" and bring the focus to some of these blog posts to the origins and background of some of the amazingly talented artists that supply to norsu.

We are incredibly proud to bring you the largest selection of prints by Scandinavian artists in Australia. Over 85% of our artLAB contains the work of Scandinavian artists, with over half of these being exclusive to norsu. Now that you know a little history about our passion, I'm excited as Nat in a new pair of blush runners, to introduce you to Linn Wold. 

Linn Wold - Headdress 

It was not even a year ago that we fell in love with Norwegian artist Linn Wold's incredible work. Using a digital drawing tablet to create her pieces she spends hours researching interior magazines for the latest trends to incorporate into her work. Which obviously we fell in love with. The first two works the we chose to add to the norsu artLAB were Monstera and Headdress, and they still continue to be our favourites still today.

Linn Wold - Monstera 

Growing up in a Elverum, a small town in Norway, Linn spent her days as a little girl drawing or singing karaoke and playing her keyboard. She was told by her high school teacher that she could be an artist, not in her wildest dreams thinking that this would come to fruition. It is hard to believe today that people around her told her that she could never make a living from doing what she loved. 

Linn Wold - Sjana

Well boy-o-boy do we love a dream come reality at norsu. After years of growing a deeper love for art, Linn spent time in Florence learning Italian and art history, and then she studied graphic design at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Oslo. She also spent a year in Milan to study Art Direction.

After a few years back in Oslo with assorted jobs and freelance work as a designer, she decided to move back to Elverum to focus entirely on her own business. To which now she creates pieces of rockstar art with her passion just bursting through each artwork. 

Linn Wold - Sofia

From the day we added Linn to our collection her work has been one of our best sellers and to top things off she's just released two new beauties Sofia and Sjana! We understand it's often hard to pick between the abundance of works on offer at norsu and often it's a struggle getting the man of the house across the line with florals or something blush pink. These newbies are ultra cool and her latest muses are already a huge hit with the husbands. ;) Who agrees? What's your favourite Linn Wold? Let me know in the comments below!

I look forward to sharing more behind the scenes insights into some of our other talented artists over coming weeks so stay tuned...

Josh x ​

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