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Bianca Skordas

Posted on May 24 2021

Styling with Brass | Norsu Interiors


If brass is something you have shied away from when it comes to styling your home, we're here to show you how easy it can be to inject some of this sought after material into your space.

It doesn't need to be too glitzy or OTT. Often just a simple pop of a brass candle holder, is all that is needed to add personality to your styled vignette. And the best part?? It tones with virtually every colour palette, and every material making it super easy to incorporate into your home!

We've asked our styling gurus from the norsuHOME design team to style up two looks on a coffee table using our collection of brass beauties. One using brass paired with glass, and the other using brass paired with ceramics. We've also picked their brains to share some of their styling secrets to create the perfect styled story on your coffee table - enjoy!! xx




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Nat & Lauren's Top tips for styling with Brass

1. Create cohesion between your styled stories and elements of your room
Choose items on your coffee table that pair with other object in the room such as artwork or cushions. If styling multiple stories on the one surface (such as a rectangle coffee table), ensure there is cohesion between the two vignettes through tones and shapes of objects.

2. Think about the shapes when selecting items for your styled stories
Loz has used circular shapes in her glass vignette considering the double parked candle holder, Balloon Vase, Orbit Vase and Twist vase, paired beautifully with the cylinder shapes of the candles - so that everything just works together.

3. Consider a grounding element
When styling with glass, it's important to use something solid in your cluster to avoid it being too transparent. A pop of solid white (such as a planter), is perfect as it allows any colours in your glass items to really stand out.

4. Don't be afraid to play with varied shapes as long as they are in the same colour
Loz has used a hexagonal candle in a round candle holder, which doesn't look out of place one bit as they are both in a shade of pink.

5. Consider using practical objects into your styled stories
The Robert Gordon water jug looks absolutely stunning on its own without the need of adding flowers. The sculptural nature of this piece makes it perfect to sit on the brass tray without looking out of place.

6. Think of pairing differing items together with similar features
The ribbed candles pair perfectly with the water jug due the ribbed elements in each piece. And the gold foiling in the cover of the Plant styling book connects beautifully with the brass items on the other side of Georgia's ceramic-styled coffee table.

Check out Nat and Lauren from our norsuHOME styling team as they talk all things brass and share styling tips along the way.



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