Styling children's spaces using a serious splash of art

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Posted on May 17 2019

Styling children's spaces using a serious splash of art

Styling children’s spaces might just sit at the VERY top of our favourite things to do at norsu! Being invited into a home and helping transform a child’s bedroom into their own personal haven always feels like such an honour. 

It’s no hidden secret that we’re also obsessively passionate about sourcing the perfect pieces of art for these spaces…ones that evoke imagination and help set the tone and most importantly the “feel” for the entire room. At norsu, we’ll be honest, we select the art first and the rest follows. 

This week we had the pleasure of styling some children’s spaces with divine new illustrations just added to our ever-growing collection of children’s art. These are created by Australian designer Violet Eyes. Passionately committed to creating contemporary children’s interiors and cultivating interest and wonder in all things Australian, Violet Eyes was dreamt into being by artist and designer Ainslie Fletcher. Not only is Ainslie incredibly talented, she has also become a great friend of our norsu tribe and her enthusiasm for children’s art is highly contagious.

Below we share some photos from our experience where we whipped up a gorgeous pastel toned retreat for a little girl and a uber cool chilled zone for the wee men in our lives. We thought we’d share some little practical tips for how we pulled these rooms together using art, at the hope we inspire you to do the same in your homes…. 

1. Pick a colour in your head before you start choosing your art. Your pieces don’t all need to match perfectly but by using an underlying same tone in all pieces you’ll create cohesion in your look

2. We love to select multiple pieces of art, creating gallery walls for our little people. Be sure to choose pieces that are different sizes and frame them in varying colours to add interest

3. Hang the art at different heights - life isn’t met to be perfect and we love to mix it up to create a more relaxed vibe. We also love to lean and layer - you can see the leopard prints are casually leaning on the bedsides

4. Think outside the square with your framing, not only do we love frames for a more structured look, we are also big fans of using bulldog clips and tape. Not only does it keep the costs down it adds a sense of fun to the creation

5. Art doesn’t just come in the form of illustrations and paintings, think about mixing in other objects. Our favourites at the moment are of course from HoneyHoney Creations. How adorable are the balloons and kites!

6. Oh and don’t forget that painting your walls can instantly change the room at little cost and by having a coloured background it makes the artwork pop and really stand out

Shop these new pieces here and get working on your children’s space - there’s no better time than doing it on the weekend!

Oh and if you want help styling their rooms from the norsu team, just drop us a note to We'd love to help you create some magic. 

Love team norsu xxx


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