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by norsu interiors
Sign up to our art eService

Our latest eStyling service is going to change your life!

If there's one item we love just as much as cushions (and candles), its art! Artwork has always been the foundation of norsu,
and it still makes our hearts skip a beat as much as it did in the early days...

The perfect art piece has the ability to completely transform your space and your mood, evoking an instant feeling of calm within, that can in turn set the tone for your home.
If there's one thing we know well, it is our art, but we also know it can be completely overwhelming to begin your search for that perfect piece.

Did you know we currently have over 800 artworks on our website?
From original art pieces, to limited edition canvases, photographic prints, and ones for our kids, this number alone is enough to send your head spinning,
before you've even had the chance to view them all. So this is where we step in to take away the hard work and overwhelm with our latest artwork eStyling service...

How it works

Do you have a blank wall or an area that needs a little art refresh, and don't know where to start?? Simply select your package, send us pics, answer our simple questions,
and wait for our styling gurus to send you a visual representation of your perfectly styled wall.

So, how much does it cost?
- I'd like one hero piece or a pair $59
- I'd like a wall vignette (3-5 pieces) $69

Please submit a photo of your blank wall blank taken front on (remove any existing art), and please capture any existing furniture and
decorative items within the space so we can draw on colours within your current palette.

How long does it take to receive my eStyling concept?
We will do our best to turn around your concept as quickly as possible, but depending on volume of work, it may take up to 5 business day days.

Did you know - we also have cushion and console styling eService! Let our stylist do all the hard work for you!

Step 1.

Purchase one of our eStyling packages.

Take a pic of your wall (along with any other defining elements within the room such as furniture, soft furnishings, rug etc).

Step 2.

Fill in our quick eStyling form to answer some simple questions about your style and budget.
Receive a visual representation of your new virtually styled wall loaded up with drool worthy artwork by one of our norsu style experts.

Step 3.

Order your gorgeous art and patiently wait for your it to arrive and hang it on your wall for instant happiness every moment you lay eyes on it!

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    Sign up to our art eService – Norsu Interiors

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