Say hello to The Comfort Edit cushion collection

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on June 20 2021

Say hello to The Comfort Edit cushion collection | Norsu Interiors

The days and nights are getting cooler and let's face it, we're all spending more time in our homes.

The past 12 months, while extremely challenging right across the globe, have reminded us the importance of creating spaces where we truly love to live.

Our team of norsuHOME stylists have curated a new cushion collection that does just that.

Think warmth. Think texture. Think earthy. Think cosiness...

Introducing, The Comfort Edit. The new norsuHOME cushion collection designed to bring cosiness to your home this Winter.

If there's one thing that lights us up at norsu, it's CUSHIONS!!

They may be small, but these little beauties have the power to add so much warmth to your home. 

Using luxe textural fabrics from the Linia and Warwick Luxe ranges, we have designed this new collection to inject an overload of warmth and cosiness to your sofa or bed.

We've selected the new Kimmy Hogan Honey Flower artwork as our muse for the tones in this collection, picking up on the natural and earthy elements that pair so beautifully with our typical norsu blush tones.

And the best part?? This entire range is so easy to incorporate into your existing cushion collection, pairing so perfectly with your blush, white, cream, caramel and neutral tones...

norsu interiors cushion


 Watch Nat as she talks us through the collection...


Get up close and personal with The Comfort Edit  

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