The Perfect Match!

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on June 01 2021

The Perfect Match! | Norsu Interiors

Shopping for the norsuHOME look is now a breeze ... 

We've brought our physical styling into your home this lockdown and beefed up our online game, so you can experience the in-store shopping experience virtually from the comfort of your home!

How you may ask? 

Drum roll please ... Introducing "The Perfect Match"!!

We've taken away the hard work and paired candles and holders that fit perfectly together... how good is that?!

Our clever norsuHOME stylists have curated these perfect matches, so you can be confident that they will look amazing in your home!

Its never been easier to shop the norsuHOME curated looks!  We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it super helpful! 


The Perfect Fit

Its no longer a guessing game when it comes to selecting a candle and suitable holder...  see our curated Perfect Matches.

The Loveliest Look

Carefully curated for 100% amazingness in your home!

The Easiest to Shop 

Shopping is a breeze with the in-store shopping experience now possible virtually online from the comfort of your home!

Want to know more?

Watch as Nat puts on her tecchie hat and steps us through the new feature.




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