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Nice room, but how'd ya do that?

Josh Stapleton

Posted on March 14 2017

Nothing's worse than seeing a space you love or a designed room that's beautifully styled but you have absolutely no idea how they did it? Is that wall grey or white? Are those cushions 50 x 50 or 20 x 20? Are they built-in cabinets or flatpack? Is the room large or is it a shoebox? Often it's easy to fall in love with a room but more often than not it's easier to scrunch it up and slam dunk it right into the too hard basket. I know I've keep you waiting for the office reveal longer than the line at the Coles checkout on a Monday night, but in todays post I'm breaking it down harder than MC Hammer and showing you just exactly how this office was created!


The room is approximately 300 x 400 so it's not entirely large and we decided to go with a white base in the paint (Dulux 'Terrace White') with a slightly grey undertone. This was mainly due to the lack of light in the room and the size. A darker colour would just close the whole space in and by having the walls and ceilings white entirely, it allowed the minimal light we had to bounce off the other surfaces in the room, such as the white marble table. There was beautiful character in the room complemented by; the window bay and mouldings as well as the ceiling rose along with the 3 quarter picture rail. It was important to let them stand alone but also restraining them from becoming a feature therefore by painting them a close white base colour (Dulux "Snow Season"). 

In a perfect world, I would've ripped up the carpet and laid long wide oak hardwood floors, a great alternative was a printed, hand scarped synthetic floor from our friends, Gerfloor. We went with a mid-grey light-washed parquetry, that also added to the amount of light that could be reflected as it kept the room light and airy and also didn't create a stark juxtaposition (huge word I know, I ate a thesaurus for breakfast) between the wall and skirting boards which in turn actually can make the room feel bigger. It was simply a matter of sending the measurements off, receiving it, rolling it out and triming the excess with a stanley knife! `


Lighting is obviously one of the most important foundations of any room. Lighting should be key, central and create the mood of the room, hence why they made dimmer switches so you know if you turn it down real low, a little something something may be happening... (wink) and by something I mean eating a block of chocolate on the couch in your pyjamas.

The room has many power points for lamps so that was not an issue. Yet it only had one pendant under a ceiling rose that was hardwired in. So we simply took the interesting 1940's linen shade that looked like it had been used as an ashtray and simply popped the stunning large Vita feather pendant over the top! It still looks great and there was no need to have the whole fitting re-circuited by and electrician. By just replacing the bulb with a brighter stronger and whiter globe! It was like the "Biggest Loser" transformation of pendants (now that is a TV show I know we all want to happen). 


In the next post.... it's here, the reveal is here, it's going to be a real lovely pulled pork affair.  The switch has been turned on, the slow cookers heating, the pork is simmering and it's nearly ready to be tasted!! Along with maybe an answer to why I relate everything to food...well why not, this reveal is going to be D-lecious people. 

Till next time folks,

Josh :)


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