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    Light me up baby!

    Josh Stapleton

    Posted on April 06 2017

    Lighting is argued to be the most important part of any room. Lighting can illuminate your furniture choices to appear in various different colors; for example down lights over your grey fabric sofa may send off a warmer tone and detract from a beautiful texture or surface. Statement lighting allows you to style right to the rafters of your room and at times a statement pendant can often be the hero of your space.

    When it comes to lighting, I like to keep things simple. Start talking to me about planting circuits through the ceiling to run down lights, flood lights, wall sconces or adding a night light so the dog can see the dog door and you’ve lost me. It’s in the too hard basket straight away. For me, anything other than involving blu-tac, a nail or changing a bulb is just far too hard.

    The good news for both you and me, is that in homes where you’ve already got the fixtures and fittings, you may not need an entire replacement. Here are some tips for using your existing fittings and fixtures:

    • Can you recycle the existing cord? Most pendants can be easily removed and replaced. Time to get rid of the bedazzled eighties fixture. Did you see how bad the light was in my original office!?!

    • You don't always need to go with the smaller or higher version. Think to yourself, could I extend the cord after closer inspection or could I shorten by wrapping it around the pendant i.e. the Ay Illuminate light featured below. I like to call this a nip and pendant (a nip and tuck for your ceiling for those who’s penny didn’t quite drop).

    • If all else fails, don't forget the industrial look can sometimes change a look instantly by removing the pendant and adding oversized (and yes we mean oversized) filament bulbs.
      So here are some options to light up your room and make it shine baby! 

      Vita Feather Pendant, White 

      Sure to be a "husband approved" light, this dreamy feather pendant adds an element of fantasy to a room and creates a poignant yet understated look. For example, this versatile light looks romantic in the above room but also looks stylish in a kids bedroom or featured above a dining table.

      Ay Illuminante Linen Pendant 

      #pendantgoals, this shade makes the rounds on Pinterest in stunning boho bedrooms and above staircases to add a quiet drama to a space, almost floating like a paper lantern above a room!


      Ay Illuminate Z2 Ona Light with Sisal Net Tea Dyed

      Made for a larger space this pendant has an almost nautical texture to it but gives off a warm ambience without feeling overpowering due to the transparency of the sisal net (best hung high to ceiling).

      menu Franklin Brass Chandelier

      Talk about slick! When I grow up I want to be this cool. This Danish brass light feature literally make an architectural statement - it's like having a sculpture in your home. Heaven.

      Normann Copenhagen Bell Pendent Light, Sand

      Don't be afraid this pendant comes in three sizes! Made for the inner minimalist this pendant is beyond blissful and can attract someone who doesn't need a statement but a structural piece that outlines your ceiling space. 

       HK Living Wicker Pendant

      Think beach house, country home, rustic and hand woven magic! A statement pendant that can tie a whole space together without overwhelming the room. It's a perfect hero piece and also a good base to style from in terms of similar rattan and wicker furniture pieces. 

      At the risk of sounding like a crazy salesperson, head to the lighting section of the website to find out more details about each. 

      Until next time folks,

      Josh :) 

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