It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on November 15 2020

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... | Norsu Interiors

And we’re scratching our heads wondering how this is this possible right now? After living in lockdown for most of the year, it seems as though we are emerging straight from our bubbles into Christmas. The year has skipped from March to November in the blink of an eye, and we are not quite feeling ready for it. But it is here, and with today’s further easing of restrictions across our country, it’s looking promising that we will be able to celebrate with our loved ones once again which is an absolute bonus!

This week we had the pleasure of shooting our 2020 Christmas campaign in our norsuHOME interior designer Lauren’s beautiful apartment (which you may remember from this recent post), and boy did we have some fun!

Our theme this year is ‘Holiday at home’- embracing the fact that we will all be spending a little more time at home this holiday season, so why not enjoy it and transform our homes into an entertainer’s paradise in the process?

We’ve chosen the most beautiful gifts and decorative items this year centred around entertaining at home, and have also come up with some creative ways to reuse some existing items around the home on the big day. 

Our 2020 norsu Gift Guides have been lovingly curated to suit any budget, and our stunning wrapping paper (designed by our very own Caitlin), is standing by ready to wrap all your selections! :)

We welcome you to take a moment to scroll through our beautiful images, read some of our tips on dressing the table and tree, and enjoy your holiday at home this year with us… xx


Dressing the table
Styling your table is one of the most enjoyable (but sometimes overlooked) part of the big day. Follow or simple steps below to think outside the box and create a table that will knock the socks off your guests!


Dressing the tree
Our decorations are sure to impress this year in more ways than one... 
Made from Ink & Spindle screen printed fabric on an acrylic backing hung from leather twine, they are perfect to hang on your tree, or used as a napkin ring on the big day. Simply write your guest's name on the back and voila...



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