Introducing The Lake Stories… The newest collection by Mrs Mighetto

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on April 10 2018

Introducing The Lake Stories… The newest collection by Mrs Mighetto | Norsu Interiors

It’s hard to believe that it was only four short months ago that we released the last stunning collection by our favourite Swedish artists Anna and Malin aka, the geniuses behind Mrs Mighetto… The popularity of these prints continues to astound us – every collection just seems to become more and more loved!

This newest collection The Lake Stories is no exception... Featuring eight brand new characters, all portrayed in Mrs Mighetto's signature whimsy pastel tones, they are sure to make the perfect addition to any existing Mrs Mighetto print collections.

This breathtaking collection features four new prints, two new 2-card mini print packs, and two brand new notebooks. Click here to view the full collection and read the beautiful stories attached to each piece…

Launching at 12.01am Thursday 12 April, you don’t want to miss out on these beauties, we think this is quite possibly their best collection yet!! xx

Mrs Mighetto The Lake Stories A little more about The Lake Stories…

"The lake is where the dragons were born. Their rare eggs are hidden on the lakebed until one of the other creatures living in the water brings them up to the surface. Here they are cracked open using a very special and secret procedure. It is at this precise point that the dragons’ power to clean and create new water is formed. The lakeside inhabitants and dragons look after the world’s water together and together they are the guards of the lake. Their task is gigantic.

Because the lake flows into every waterway of the world, their organisation above and below the lake’s surface is both vast and demanding, while their work is under constant threat..."

The Story Hunters are inquisitive. They want to document and take control of all the stories’ secrets. They are always seeking new discoveries and trying to steal secrets. They have been watching the lake for many years, ever since the time they managed to get through the portal to the lake. They want to own the recipe for new water and take control of the powers that purify water. They also know they can make a fortune if they manage to steal the dragons’ eggs and they dream of taming the dragons so they can move quickly over the borders of the different lands. 

By the lake, a guard is always on the lookout. The dark water, the waves, the ripples, the glimmer, the shadows... everything must be guarded. Everyone at the lake has heard the story of the time evil Story Hunters managed to get in and grab the treasure born at the bottom of the lake. When they managed to get away with the lake’s secret, without really understanding how much could have been lost. 

Meet the beautiful new characters below:

Miss Ines - 50x70cm has seen everything. Once the Story Hunters came and managed to capture the treasure from the bottom of the lake without really understanding how much can be destroyed. Ines saw, but didn’t have time to raise the alarm. Today she is equipped and prepared. As a constant reminder, and to stay alert herself, she tells The Lake Stories to the guards. The stories foster preparedness and inner strength. Miss Ines

Miss Laura 40x50cm can stare down into the dark water for hours. She never tires of it. The lake gives her glimpses of the future when she discerns the water’s language and knows exactly when it’s time to dive in or call for help. She senses the signals in the air, can talk to the animals and conveys tranquillity.Miss Laura

Mr Edward 40x50cm knows that his species is threatened. He works tirelessly to try to find more eggs. The dragon eggs can only be found on the lakebed and they are placed into safe storage as soon as possible. Edward stands for strength and tenacity and as long as Edward lives, there is always hope for the lake’s inhabitants. 
Mr Edward

Miss Eva 30x40cm spreads joy. When gloom descends and hard work gnaws at her friends, Eva just laughs. She is like the weighing scales of sadness and joy, as her laughter is like medicine. Eva takes others’ sorrow and fears and gives back pure joy. 
Miss Eva

Mr Tom & Flying Boat - 2 pack Mini prints 18x24cm
Mr Tom

Miss Bianca & Swan Boat - 2 pack Mini prints 18x24cm
Miss Bianca

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