Introducing the Colour of Home

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on May 17 2021

Introducing the Colour of Home | Norsu Interiors


the colour of home

norsuhome the tipsy vase

norsuhome the twist vase

norsu home the orbit vase

norsu home the tumbler drinking glass

norsu home the colour of home swatches

 Watch as Nat talks us through the collection...


With the recent arrival of our new norsuHOME Colour of Home glass and candle collection, we are loving all the comments and questions coming our way over how best to style these little beauties in your homes.

Join us as Nat invites us into her stunning norsuHOME where our clever styling team have created three different looks using our beautiful glass and candle collection. 

norsu home style tips

The moody palette

Deep, comforting, and earth – inspired tones that create the most perfect dining table setting. 

norsu moody palette 

The warm palette

Rich, warm, and autumnal tones that create a cozy sanctuary.

norsu warm colour palette

The norsu palette

Soft, calming, and blush tones that create a beautiful space the norsu colour palette

Nat's top tips for incorporating these little pops of colour into your space…

1. Don't be afraid of glass 
Nat has a complete obsession with coloured glass, and it's not hard to see why? Its elegance and delicateness brings a level of sophistication that is hard to rival. Lighting candles near your coloured glass, reflects subtle colours and the most beautiful shadows. We particularly love this collection because every piece is sold separately, giving you the option of grouping several pieces of the same colour together, or mix the colours to suit your space.
2. Mix and match
Blending this range with existing pieces is not only budget friendly and sustainable, it also allows you to tell your story. Everything we create at norsu, we carefully consider, so that you can combine it with your existing pieces at home. This new range is a perfect match with the Marmoset Found, Robert Gordon, and norsuHOME brass collections.

3. Think outside the box when using them
One of the biggest upsides of this range is that every piece has multiple uses. From a vase to a candle holder to a water jug, their versatility is endless, allowing you to enjoy them in almost every room of your home.


Join now as she gives us a step-by-step guide on styling this range to refresh and shift the mood of your room.





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