How are you going? Like really going..?

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Posted on September 10 2020

How are you going? Like really going..? | Norsu Interiors


Somebody asked me this question unexpectedly recently and I almost burst into tears.

Until that point I had been motoring along on autopilot through Melbourne’s strict lockdown – juggling parenting, running a business, a mostly remote team and home schooling…trying desperately to hold it all together and afraid to stop in case all the balls I was trying to keep in the air came crashing down.

I hear this simple question multiple times a day, but this time was different. It was asked with genuine sincerity, and actually made me stop and think about the answer. The way it was asked made me realise that perhaps I wasn’t as in control as I’d been telling myself…

Today we’re not here to talk pretty interiors, products or styling tips – we’re here to check in to see how you are all doing. We’re here to ask you this question in the same genuine fashion that makes your stop and reflect. There’s never been a more significant time to recognise R U OK Day. Our social media feeds are flooded with this message today as we all acknowledge the importance of reaching out to our loved ones to check-in.

When we shared our personal stories recently of our own mental health struggles recently, we were overwhelmed by your support and connection to the cause. Personal stories from our beautiful community came flooding in about your own experiences, and it became apparent that this is a topic that needs a little more attention.

We’ve had so many conversations with Victorian friends this week who all seem to have hit a wall. It’s a wave of emotions at the moment… One day you’ve got it together, the next you’re a paralysed mess wondering if this will ever be over? Our children aren’t responding to home learning with the same enthusiasm as they once were, we don’t have any real certainty of when these stage 4 restrictions will lift, the anxiety and depression is creeping in, our local businesses are struggling, and we seem to have lost the ability to connect in a meaningful way without proper face-to-face contact.

In a nutshell, life is a little bit sh*t at the moment, and it’s entirely out of our control!

So whether you are in Victoria or not, we just wanted to reach out and check in, see how you’re doing and remind you that it’s ok not to be ok…

Now more than ever it is critical to allow ourselves to feel the feels, acknowledge the struggle, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We don’t claim to have any of the answers, or know what to do. But we do want to remind you is that we are here, we are listening, and if you EVER want to reach out, please do – you’re never alone.

Big love,
Kristy & Nat xxx

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