Hello Luxe cushion range...

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on June 08 2019

Hello Luxe cushion range... | Norsu Interiors

Welcoming the Luxe Collection to the norsu textileLAB

We are honestly jumping out of our skins to introduce you to this new range of bespoke norsu cushions!! 
One of the best things we have ever done at norsu was design our own cushion range. To say we are cushion obsessed would be quite the understatement. We believe the perfect cushion can completely transform a space, making it feel like a home, bringing personality, warmth and texture to your bedrooms and living zones.

A little fun fact that you may not know is that well before our norsu days, our very own Nat used to run a little side-hustle making cushions and selling them on eBay...she did pretty well too, with one making it into an issue of Home Beautiful!!

So it was only fitting for us to continue down this path with our own norsu range a couple of years ago - starting with the Winter Wonder range which featured our infamous combo of Warwick fabrics and custom leather piping. 

The new Luxe Collection - is the next chapter in our designing journey, thoughtfully created by our clever norsuHOME styling team, using the exclusive new 'Linea' range by Warwick. 

Featuring our iconic blush or charcoal leather trim piping, we are also offering the new addition of luxurious petal blush velvet piping with this collection, perfect for these coming cooler months.

Each cushion comes with a plush feather down filling and metallic Birch zips, and we're particularly proud to say they are all locally made in Melbourne. :)

The best part - they all work together in beautiful harmony. Literally every cushion pairs with another, allowing you to mix and match any colour, shape and size!!
Comprising of a combination of luscious wool, soft Belgian linen and durable natural cottons from the Warwick range, we think these stunners could be our best collection yet.

Now, without further ado...let us introduce you to the range:

Welcome Rosewater
The most stunning pink linen in the perfect shade of peachy blush pink with plenty of texture.

Hello Blossom
A divine blush that will connect to the more violet shades of pink. This is a flatter colour and texture than Rosewater, but equally as beautiful.

A cooler grey shade with a blue undertone, that teams perfectly with blush, blues or a monochromatic palette.

This grey is a more warmer tone and will pair well with homes that feature natural colours - think leather sofas, beiges and warmer whites. 

We've been desperate to work with the cozy Augustus wool fabric for the longest time, and what better time than Winter? This plush, textured warm wool is the perfect fabric to snuggle up too during the cooler months.

The Luxe Collection is available to shop now - click here to see the full range...

We hope you love these beauties as much as we have loved designing them for you :)


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