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Could I see you in my office?

Josh Stapleton

Posted on March 15 2017

The day is here people! It's norsu HQ office reveal day! We are more excited than a Mum who's son takes out the rubbish! Now we all know pictures say 1000 words (and I normally say about 10 million) but for this one I'm zipping it and letting the photos do the talking. There's a lot packed into this 4x3 metre room but after days of blush, sweat and tears, it's finally finished (and it even comes with a few surprises...). 

I always wanted a large desk somewhat centred in the middle of the room and we started with a large wooden rectangular desk, but it was like a stuffing a cream puff through a key hole. We ended up with a round smaller marble workspace, which allowed me to create two separate sections of the room. The shape and placement of the table is like super soft butter, it's spreadable. As in the workspace itself, it allows you to spread your work everywhere and move around it with ease instead of having it stuck against one wall. 

 Honey Honey Creations Wall Hanging, The Drift Ruben Ireland, Kate&Kate x Norsu Blush Leather Cushion,

I love benches, long wall seats, banquets (although that word just makes me hungry) nooks, and bay window seats. They make a room and they are my go to in any space that is smaller than usual. By using the round table under the window I was able to create a window seat in the corner of the room. This allows you to put your feet up and be comfortable instead of being confined to one single seat. Using modular boxes I was able to make the length I desired and also the hollow nature of them provided extra storage underneath and to stack books on top. 

The grey felt boards were integral to my design. I always wanted them in the room. When I passed the idea onto Kristy and Nat that I wanted to make giant pin boards they were much more obliging than the week before when I asked for a blonde timber wine fridge...I mean it was worth a shot. For me, a workspace was where you visualise your idea, notion or list and having it hung up in front of you is like your own organised art work. By having multiple ones around the room you can section them off into mood boards, colour boards, inspiration and deadlines. Unfortunately unlike everything else in the room they can't be purchased as they were made by me, myself and I, but if you'd like to know how drop me a comment and I'll show you how!

As I said in the previous blog it was important to have two sections of your workspace. I created a comfy area with a large two-seater chair surrounded by greenery. It is the place you go when you need to curl up and smash out an email, or a document or you just need to write a blog post full of dribble like I am. I love how I said I wouldn't talk that much and here we are with me blabbering on like a 90 year old woman complaining about the price of milk. 

The walls in the space could've been flooded by one of many of our prints but we felt it was only fitting to launch and display one of the artists who has been with norsu from the very start...especially now that we finally have our very own HQ office space. Ruben Ireland (along with his talented partner in crime Jenny Liz Rome) gave us the infamous 'Mariana' which was the very first thing I bought from norsu and probably most of our customers most sort after pieces. It put us on the map, and Ruben once again has smashed it out of the ball park with 'The Drift'. This insanely stunning piece coincides with some of his previous work and has taken our office to the next level. 

I promised a surprise so here it is! As a little thank you for being so loyal to our little business and for engaging with our new blog we are offering a little something special...

Use the code "NORSUBLOG" in the online checkout to receive 10% off this beautiful print!

I told you I may waffle but we hope it's always worth the read!

Until next time!

Josh :)

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  • Ruby : March 29, 2017

    Love your blog. Have really enjoyed following the transformation. The room looks fantastic. Any plans for another room flip?

  • Lani: March 28, 2017

    I have just subscribe and been enjoying reading your blog section. Is it possible for me to ask you how you made the grey pin board in step-by-step please.

    Thanks so much for your assistance. Thinking of putting one up in my son’s room.

  • Melissa : March 16, 2017

    Very lovely space ! Would love to know how to make the grey felt boards – I’ve been searching for the exact same thing for months !! Many thanks

  • Jane : March 15, 2017

    What a beautiful and calming work space you have created. Simply breathtaking. Well done team. Have loved following the transformation. Which room will you tackle next? Would love some ideas for updating a tired kitchen or bathroom.

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