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Choosing a Mrs. Mighetto for your own Miss or Mr!

Josh Stapleton

Posted on March 30 2017

It's that time of the year again people! Mighetto Madness! The ladies at Mrs. Mighetto have brought us yet another stunning new collection of children's illustrations called "The End of The Forest".

In this week's blog I've turned to another valued member of the norsu team Kristen, to share her words of wisdom. Let's just say Kristen is certainly better placed to talk about this topic than me! Kristen's previous career was as an Early Learning Educator where she was the Director of an ELC. Passionate about education, children and more recently styling, today she's combined all skills to help us with the tough decision of choosing the right art work for your little one. (You'll clearly notice I didn't write it from the use of actual normal words and non-babbling sentence structures! Oh and how AMAZING is her son Flynn's the pics to shop the look)

Over to the expert...

"When we mindfully select the art pieces in our children’s spaces we have the power to create a truly enchanting wonderland"…

Children thrive in a creative atmosphere and artwork can be a wonderful provocation for them. It can evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity and feed their hungry imaginations. When viewing art pieces children enjoy inventing stories about the characters and sharing them with loved ones. The fascinating images on their walls can deeply inspire them while leaving plenty of scope for their own creative flare. As the children interact with their art in such a way they develop the ability to closely observe an image, focus, inquire, reflect, invent and articulate their ideas. All of which are essential life skills.

In my experience I’ve always found that spaces rich in inspiration significantly enhance children’s role-play. Through such play they are able to develop a strong sense of self and increased confidence expressing themselves creatively. It also fills them with an incredible sense joy and promotes the spirit of fun.

A bedroom is a child’s haven and artwork can help to create a sense of warmth and security. Children who find it challenging to separate from their parents at night can often find it beneficial to be in a nurturing space surrounded by magical creatures who watch over them while they dream.

The Mrs. Migetto artwork can transform a simple uninspiring space into a magical fairy-tale retreat. The work displays the artist’s adventurous spirit and deep respect for the wonder of childhood. The collection is created with such love and consideration, each character has a heart and a sole, it’s hard not to fall in love with them all. Exposing children to these beautiful pieces is a wonderful step towards cultivating a life long appreciation of art.


  • It is important that the spaces we create for our children reflect their personality. 
  • If your child is old enough it is always a good idea to collaborate with them when developing the vision for their room. Their involvement will empower them with ownership and impact the way they engage with the space. 
  • If they are too young to participate in the process, try and look at things from their perspective when you put the space together. For example, hang the artwork at the right height for them to enjoy it. 
Children’s bedrooms serve different purposes at different ages and stages and it is a good idea to consider your child’s needs in the space before you plan the room. My son is young and a lot of his play takes place throughout the house, as he follows me from room to room. With this in mind I wanted to make sure his bedroom was a calming little haven, to promote rest and quiet play. This is what motivated me to choose the warm gentle tones of the Mrs Migetto prints. I have collected a few over the years and enjoyed mixing prints from different collections, they tell a different story but come together so beautifully. The artwork is unisex and I highly recommend having both genders represented in the space.

When we take the time to wonder and inquire together we can enhance our children’s learning and cultivate their appreciation for art. I recommend lying together on the bed to closely observe the artwork. You can ask them questions that stimulate their creative and critical thinking. Once they start to wonder and imagine they will enter the joyful world of make believe.

Tell me what you see:
  • I wonder what sort of home this character would have?
  • I wonder if they have magical powers?
  • What magical adventure would you like to go on together? 

This is just a small example, the wonderings are endless. As you go share your own creative ideas. Nothing excites children more than when adult come on the make believe adventure with them.

With much love, 

Kristen (and Josh of course!) xxx

> View the End of the Forest collection here
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