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Posted on October 17 2020

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At home with…
Lauren Bartlett-Bragg

We are feeling like a couple of proud Mums right now as we take you inside the home of our gorgeous norsuHOME Interior Designer, Lauren Bartlett-Bragg for the first of our ‘At home with’ series. 

If you're a blush and pastel lover, you are going to swoon over this apartment which we have all since named the 'Pastel Paradise'. Full of personality, colour and charm, Lauren’s home is proof that you don’t need a large modern space to make a big impact! 

Join us as Lauren takes us on a tour of the living and kitchen areas in her new apartment sharing her top tips and tricks on styling a smaller space that's bursting with character...

Don't be afraid to play with colour on the walls

One of the best ways to make a statement in a smaller home is by painting the walls in soft colour. The blush walls are the definitely the hero in this living and dining area, and are the first thing you notice when walking in. For anyone wondering, Lauren has used Blossom Time Quarter by Dulux.

Hang artwork – and lots of it!

Just because there is less wall space doesn’t mean you need to hang less art. Find fun ways to hang your art in creative locations, by mixing different sized pieces in various styles. By pairing original and limited edition art (such as the stunning Tracey Mock and Kimmy Hogan pieces) with more affordable prints (such as the Middle of Nowhere Walkway), Lauren has managed to create the most calming, yet impactful vibe. Using all her wall space functionally was also key in ensuring her artwork works in this space. She has done this beautifully by considering size and placement of her art, and not overlooking any corner or dead zone. Lauren’s top tip for art selection is to keep it neutral by toning it with furniture and wall colour, and ensure all pieces flow with one another without competing or overpowering the space. 

Spatial awareness is important in the design process

Spend time working with your floor plan to ensure your furniture fits, and it meets all your requirements before moving it in. There’s nothing worse than dragging a large piece in, only to realise it’s too big!

When selecting pieces for a small space, think about choosing items that are both functional and beautiful to look at. A great example is the norsu ottoman that Lauren has selected which can double as a coffee table and also as additional seating when required.

Also, consider furniture shapes and sizes, and opt for ones that allow for more space and flow. A round dining table was the perfect choice for Lauren’s space as it allows for more movement around the table, and also for more chairs to be added if needed when entertaining. 

Where to splurge?

Invest in the pieces that need to stand the test of time, and can be easily used in future homes if your goal is to move down the track. Some examples are:

- Rugs: A quality rug in a neutral colour will always be a great investment. Smaller spaces often mean higher traffic, so opting for a rug in a tighter weave rug with some variations in colour (making it forgiving on stains) is a great choice. Lauren has chosen the Armadillo Andorra Terrazzo rug for her living room, which brings an extra layer of warmth and comfort to her already cosy pad.

- Artwork: Investing in great pieces that capture your heart and make you smile every time you lay eyes on them will be one of the best investments you will ever make. There’s no denying art can completely lift a space (and your mood), so choose wisely, and it will be with you forever!

- Cushions: These little instantly give a space that luxe and cosy feeling, softening the space, and allowing you to connect your sofa or occasional chair to other pieces in the room such as artwork, rugs and accessories.

Mix and match pieces as long as they work together

Not all pieces in the space have to be splurge items. Lauren has worked with this concept beautifully by pairing her splurge items such as her art and heavenly Sarah Ellison Studio armchair, with some more affordable items such as the Ikea rattan cabinet and the Marmoset Found accessories used throughout the home.

Accessorising the kitchen is a must!

This stunning kitchen of Lauren’s is absolute proof that you don't need a super modern kitchen to make an impact. By adding layers of personality and colour, through accessories, cookbooks, greenery and super chic appliances, Lauren has created the most beautiful and happy kitchen that completely reflects her style.

Lauren’s final words on apartment styling…

It's ok to be bold, and do things that are different. Be creative with colours, textures and accessories and create a space that represents you and who you are :)

Thank you for inviting us into your home Loz. We’ve loved every moment and could quite happily live in here forever. xx

Want to chat with Lauren?

If you’d like to get in touch with Lauren to discuss any aspect of her apartment, or have her help style your own place, you can reach her at styling@norsu.com.au.


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