Your cushions have never looked better!

Kristy Sadlier

Posted on June 04 2021

Your cushions have never looked better! | Norsu Interiors

We're bringing our physical styling into your home this lockdown so you can experience the in-store shopping experience virtually from the comfort of your home!

Last week we brought you the perfect matches for our candles and candle holders, and this week, we are taking it a step further...

For the longest time, you have asked questions about cushion pairings - which fabrics work together, which shapes work should I choose, how do I incorporate texture or colour without going overboard...? So once again, we are taking the hard work out of this for you with our perfect match - and bringing our cushions to you!

Simply see a cushion you like on our site, click into the product profile, and scroll down to find out which pairings work best with it.

Shop confidently knowing you are getting the perfect combo as personally chosen by our norsuHOME style gurus.

Click here to create your own perfect cushion match.

And in true norsu fashion, we are not just stopping there... If you're still a little overwhelmed with all the possible combos - allow us to take the decision making process even easier! Introducing our new Add cushions like a pro e-service.

Simply send us a pic of your sofa or bed and we'll style it virtually for you.

Step one:
Take a pic of your sofa or bed (along with any other defining elements within the room (artwork, furnishings, coffee table, rug etc)

Step two:
Fill in our quick questionnaire to answer some simple questions about your style


Step three:
Wait for our store styling experts to send you a visual representation of your new sofa or bed loaded up with cushion goodness!

Step four:
Simply follow the links to check out, wait for your special delivery and style up your new cushions like a total pro!


Can I still keep some of my own cushions?
YES! If there are cushions in your current collection that you cannot bear to part with, simply snap a pic of them on your sofa or bed, and we'll ensure they are included in the virtual mix!

What if I don't like all the cushions chosen?
We understand we may not get it right first time every time, so we'd be happy to offer one additional iteration based on your feedback. Please be as specific as possible because we want to get this right for you!

How much does it cost?
- Small sofa cushion placement (3-5 cushions) $39
- Bed cushion placement (4-6 cushions) $49
- Large sofa (5-7 cushions) $59

How long does it take to receive my cushion concept?
We will do our best to turn around your concept as quickly as possible, however please allow up to 48hrs during business days to receive it.


Watch Nat in action as she talks us through the new e-service...


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    Your cushions have never looked better! – Norsu Interiors

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