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Get a quick fixie with the new IXXI's.

Josh Stapleton

Posted on November 20 2017


"Bohemian Skull" - norsu Hawthorn / Image: Rachel Winton 


If you're feeling your walls are little plain Jane, then boy oh boy, you better "click" yourself in because have we've got a hot new way to dress your walls! 

Introducing you to IXXI tiles, a compact design that you build and create yourself all in the space of 20 minutes! Now yes, if you're not the biggest DIY lover and don't call yourself the modern day Martha Stewart then don't fear, IXXI is packaged and designed in a way that's simple and super fast! 

The tiles are packaged in order of the final layout and you simply join each tile together before hanging, attach hanging adhesive strips just for the top and measure with the instruction guide as a level to hang the gorgeous print! (Additionally you can pin your print into the wall if you're thinking that position is going to be long term!) 

The best part is once created, you've got some stunning oversized prints from one of our favourites photographic artists Hannah Lemholt, (the mastermind behind some of the Love Warriors prints such as Lelia, Adele and Sky Circles.) 


They are the perfect solution to filling large spaces or walls that you aren't that fond of being bare and exposed due to IXXI's large scale. Because they are so easy and light to hang they are the perfect no fuss piece of art for renters or walls you don't want to smother with holes! 

They come in three stunning designs: 

"Bohemia Girl" - 120cm x 160cm (Image Via - )



"Bohemian Skull" - 140cm x 140 cm Image via  



"Peony Roses" - 100cm x 140cm Image via 


We even put together a little video below, just to show you how hassle free it is the create something pretty cool!  



Shop the IXXI range here. 








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